Firefox Not Responding in Windows 10 [SOLVED]

As we all are familiar with the term Mozilla Firefox or simply Firefox. Developed by the Mozilla foundation and its subsidiary the Mozilla corporation Firefox is an independent or can be said as free and an open source web browser. Firefox is familiar to all those who are familiar with the internet. Like google chrome Firefox also helps in browsing.

7 Ways to Fix Firefox is Not Responding Error

Issues are there also even with the internet or we can say issues will surely come while working with a system. Sometimes we have to face issues like “Firefox not responding”. Solutions are available even for each issue. The solutions for the problem Firefox not responding are mentioned with some procedures.

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A restart is a good option for the problem Firefox not in order to you first has to close the program and then to restart the windows 10 system.

(We can use TASK MANAGER if the classic way is not close the TASK MANAGER). once again after restarting verify all the programs are working in proper and if not go to the TROUBLE SHOOT option.


Not updated graphic card drivers can be a problem for the issue of not responding of update the graphic card drivers. In order to update the graphic card drivers, following procedures will be helpful.

Step 1: We can see search icon located near the windows start option.

Step 2: In that type device the device manager move to display adapters option.

Step 3: Right click on each of the entries and choose update driver software.

This procedure will automatically help to update the graphic card drivers. Then move to automatically update your drivers. This is very important and also time taking procedure.

Use TWEAK BIT DRIVER UPDATER tool to avoid the permanent problems related to your system, because of downloading and installing wrong driver version.

Step 1: Download and install TWEAK BIT DRIVER UPDATER tool to your pc.

Step 2: You have to wait until the program will start scanning the pc, for the outdated drivers and to recommend proper updates.

Step 3: By moving to next step, when the scanning gets completed, the problems become visible. Take a look through it and update each driver individually or all at a time. Another option is go to the update all button. By clicking on it all the recommended updates will be done at once.

To be noted: in some cases, you have to click on update button multiple times till all the updates are installed.

Note: some of the features of this tweak bit updater is in charge of money.


This is related to the graphics card. In certain situations related to the graphic card setups the Firefox might become freeze loop.

Follow the given below steps to turn off the hard ware acceleration that is in use:

Step 1: Go to menu icon on the top right corner of the Firefox.

Step 2: Move to options.

Step 3: From there move to general panel and verify the entry performance.

Step 4: Uncheck the “recommended performance setting checkbox” and the “use hard ware acceleration when available options”.

Step 5: Close the program and restart the web browser.


The causes related to the Firefox files might be the reasons for the Firefox not responding in order to solve this:

Step 1: Go to the official web page of Mozilla Firefox to download a new installer file for your windows 10 pc.

Step 2: You have to remember that don’t uninstall Firefox and don’t delete anything.

Step 3: Close the Firefox browser.

Step 4: Rename the folder where the Firefox is installed or in simple rename the program folder according to your acceptance

Step 5: Go to the installer process run by moving to downloaded Firefox executable file.

Step 6: At last open the Mozilla Firefox and check whether the Mozilla Firefox is helpful to us.


This also causes the Firefox not responding malfunction. To overcome this malfunction do follow these steps.

Step 1: Here to be memorized that our bookmarks and web browsing history become deleted now.

Step 2: Go to Firefox menu icon and click on help option.

Step 3: Move to trouble shooting information and then from application basics click on open folder.

Step 4: Click on power off icon in the menu list once more.

Step 5: Firefox will become turned off.

Step 6: In the Firefox folder under the profile folder find and rename the following files:

Places.sqlite->places.sqlite.old and places.sqlite-journal->places.sqlite-journal.old.

Step 7: Once again restart the Firefox.


Multiple session restore files saved can cause the slow functioning of web browser. In order to avoid this:

Step 1: In the menu icon go to help and select trouble shooting information.

Step 2: Go to open folder from application Nasics.

Step 3: Select power off option by clicking on menu button again.

Step 4: Delete the following files from the profile folder.And also remove any other associated files like Sessionstore-1.js.


In order to reset the Firefox:

Step 1: Click menu icon from Firefox.

Step 2: Click on help from the list showed.

Step 3: Select troubleshoot information.

Step 4: Choose the Firefox refresh option by finding it.

Step 5: At the end resume and reset the process and again open the web browser.

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These are some of the solutions that the user can approach when the Firefox is not responding in your windows10 pc. If the problem of not responding still exists inform us or tell us what happened and what came when the user tried to fix.

Issues are seen everywhere, no need to get tired of these issues because there are solutions available easily. Problems are common and solutions are plenty in today’s world.