Why is the Reddit Logo Pixelated

Several users are perplexed by the pixelated app symbol that appeared after the recent update to the official Reddit app. Although there are a ton of alternative Reddit apps for both Android and iOS, the official Reddit app is where it’s at.

It’s simple to use, available for free, and can connect you to your favorite subreddits from anywhere in the world. One of the best things about the Reddit app is its deep customization.

Every aspect of Reddit may be tailored to the user’s preferences, from the avatar to the homepage layout to the autoplay settings for videos to the thumbnail size. The Reddit mobile app lets you customize the symbol.

To change the app icon, launch the app, tap the profile icon in the top right, then hit “Settings.” The possibilities range from “Classic” to “Alien Blue” to “Neon” to “Doge” (just to name a few).

Why is the Reddit Logo Pixelated

Changing the app icon is a terrific method to give your phone a new look if you’re sick of the standard orange Reddit logo on white backdrop. This article will cover why is the reddit logo pixelated. 

What’s up with r/Place?

You haven’t missed the new logo, don’t worry. Reddit’s updated, pixelated log will be available until April 5 at midnight EST. What’s the deal with the newest release? If you’re nostalgic for the original, non-pixelated emblem, don’t worry; the new one is merely a temporary change.

Millions of Reddit users are having fun on April 1st. The r/Place from 2017 was brought back to the international community website. Wondering what is r/Place? It’s not too complex.

Basically, on April 1, 2017, Reddit played host to a group effort and social experiment. It involves an online canvas available on a subreddit named r/place which anyone could update by changing the colour of a single-pixel from a 16-colour pallet.

After a user has placed all of their pixels, a timer will prevent them from placing any more pixels for anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes. Reddit has once again made me feel sentimental about the past. Now let’s find out why is the reddit logo pixelated. 

The Reddit App Icon Is Pixelated For April Fools Day

The Reddit mobile app’s pixelated symbol has a purpose. Basically, it’s an April Fools’ Day promotion for the revived r/Place community on Reddit. r/Place launched on April 1, 2017, as a digital art project.

Users of Reddit could go to the subreddit, fill in a pixelated square on a giant virtual canvas, and work together to make something. Where’s the catch? One square could be completed every five minutes.

Despite the fact that that sounds like a formula for disaster, the image you see above was created when more than a million random Reddit users arranged 16 million colored squares.

There are Rocket League emblems, a computerized rendition of the Mona Lisa, flags from several countries, and a picture of Steve Irwin holding a newborn crocodile. On April 1st, 2022, Reddit decided to reintroduce r/Place after a five-year hiatus as an April Fool’s Day joke.

As of 9 AM EDT on April 1, 2022, you will be able to access r/Place. If you have a Reddit account and you’re logged in, you may go to r/Place and place a colored square of pixels anywhere you choose on the canvas as often as once every five minutes.

The subreddit r/Place is open for submissions from the Reddit community until April 5 at midnight. It is unclear when the pixelated app icon will be restored to normalcy; but, with r/Place coming to an end on April 5, it seems probable that Reddit will do so.

Reddit’s New Pixelated Logo & r/Place Explained

Those who have downloaded the latest version of the Reddit app may have noticed a new logo. The original logo’s solid design has been replaced by a pixelated one. Many users are perplexed, wondering if this is the new Reddit logo.

It’s the new logo, sort of, but only for the time being. To celebrate April Fools this year, Reddit is bringing back r/Place all the way from 2017. Exactly what is this r/Place then? In the simplest terms, imagine a huge canvas made up of millions of tiles.

Every Reddit user in the globe can participate by adding tiles and helping to complete the full canvas. Back then, it was one of the biggest collaborative projects ever, and it will be intriguing to watch what happens when the full community of millions come together to build something. Up until April 5 at midnight (ET), r/Place will be accessible.


It’s not just a joke to play practical jokes on our pals on April 1st; companies all around the world utilize the day to play a little joke on their customers by giving them a little easter egg as a friendly greeting.

Certain classes’ inventories in games like World of Warcraft are intentionally tampered with as a joke that players often mistake for a flaw. There are also April Fools-themed events in games like Among Us, Apex Legends, and Pokemon Go. Hope, now you know why is the reddit logo pixelated.