New Orleans Tornadoes Leave a Path of Destruction

On Tuesday night, a big, destructive tornado ripped through St. Bernard Parish, located to the east of New Orleans, causing extensive damage and taking the life of at least one person. There had been a swarm of tornadoes in Texas the day before, and this one was part of a larger outbreak of severe thunderstorms over the Deep South.

John Lane, a spokesperson for St. Bernard Parish President Guy McInnis, said that first responders found a 26-year-old male outside his home at around 10 p.m. local time, and that the man was pronounced dead at the scene.

Early Wednesday morning, Lane told The Washington Post that other locals were hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries. He stated the hardest impacted area was Arabi, which is located between Chalmette and the Lower Ninth Ward in New Orleans.

At a press conference on Tuesday, McInnis advised locals to call his office before going to the aid of their neighbors. It was said that he saw rescue workers free a young child who had become trapped in her home’s ventilation system.

New Orleans Tornadoes Leave a Path of Destruction

McInnis noted that the girl’s family had been looking for her before firemen arrived. Here you will find out updates on New Orleans tornadoes leave a path of destruction. 

New Orleans Area Tornadoes Leave Widespread Damage

As Wednesday’s destructive storms ripped through the New Orleans area, residents and officials alike will spend today taking stock of the damage. Arabi, in St. Bernard Parish, was hit by an EF3 tornado on March 22; it was one of at least five probable tornadoes reported in the New Orleans area that day. The Nineteenth Ward in New Orleans was also affected.

Likewise, the city of Gretna, located in Jefferson Parish, sustained significant damage. The storms in Louisiana claimed the lives of three persons. In Caddo Parish, a 30-year-old lady and her 8-year-old son lost their lives when a tornado leveled their home, while in St. Charles Parish, a 56-year-old woman lost her life when a tornado leveled her home in the Killona area.

New Orleans Tornado Kills 1, Cuts Path of Destruction Through Suburbs

Many people were killed and dozens more were hurt when a powerful tornado ripped through New Orleans and the surrounding area on Tuesday night, flipping cars and even lifting a house into the air before dropping it down the street, with a family still inside.

The Arabi neighborhood, a suburb of New Orleans, was hit by a massive tornado with many vortices, as seen in videos. Afterwards, it traveled east over the Mississippi River, striking the Lower 9th Ward and other portions of St. Bernard Parish that had been hit hard by Hurricane Katrina 17 years earlier.

The southeast boundary of New Orleans, in St. Bernard Parish, seemed to bear the brunt of the storm’s ferocity. There was one fatality in the area, although St. Bernard Parish officials did not specify how it occurred. The number of injured victims, according to authorities, is high.

Other tornadoes produced by the same storm system ripped over Alabama, destroying buildings despite the heavy rain that had fallen there.

The governor of Texas declared a disaster in 16 counties as a result of the storms. A woman was reportedly killed to the north of Dallas, Texas. Now let’s find out New Orleans tornadoes leave a path of destruction. 

New Orleans Metro Hit by a Tornado; Damage Assessments Ongoing

Communities in New Orleans, New Iberia, and Arabi have also been devastated by the storm and are actively providing aid to those in need. Many in New Orleans were rushing home as the tornado struck around 4:30 p.m. Roofs were the most common structural damage throughout the two-mile path the storm carved out.

Many structures along the tornado’s path were destroyed, but thankfully no deaths have been reported, according to Guy McInnis, president of St. Bernard Parish. Rescue and search operations will be conducted primarily by local communities throughout the night, and neighbors are offering their help to anyone who needs it. After a careful evaluation, we should have a better idea of what’s going on by tomorrow morning.


Authorities have recorded multiple injuries across the state of Louisiana and over 40,000 power outages as of Wednesday night. After murdering a mother and her son in the state’s northwest on Tuesday, the violent storms continued their march eastward on Wednesday.

A lady was killed by a probable tornado on Wednesday in St. Charles Parish, southeast Louisiana, while the system also spawned a tornado that pounded New Orleans and neighboring Jefferson and St. Bernard parishes, among other places, including areas badly damaged by a tornado in March.

Five individuals were injured mildly as a tornado hit New Iberia, Louisiana, breaking windows at Iberia Medical Center’s multistory building.

Tornado warnings in Mississippi were canceled as night fell, but certain areas of Florida and Alabama were still experiencing dangerous weather. Hope now you know New Orleans tornadoes leave a path of destruction.