What is Round Robin in Curling

Each competitor in a round-robin (or all-go-away) tournament faces off against every other competitor, typically in turn. In a round-robin competition, each team plays each other once, while in an elimination tournament, the losers go home.

The French word ruban, meaning “ribbon,” is the origin of the English word round-robin. With time, the term became slang and eventually became robin. Every player plays every other player once in a single round-robin schedule.

A double round robin is a type of round robin in which each player faces each other twice. In practically all of the major American professional sports leagues (with the exception of the AFL (1940-41) and the All-America Football Conference), each team plays each other twice at most, and never when one team plays more than the others.

Sporting events that typically feature knockout rounds, such as tennis or billiards, have historically been known as “American tournaments” in the United Kingdom. Here you will find out What is Round Robin in Curling. 

What is Round Robin in Curling

Here’s What Round Robin Actually Means In Olympic Curling

For many people, especially in the United States, the Olympics provide an introduction to sports that aren’t typically covered in mainstream media. Consider curling, for example, a sport that frequently employs a “round robin” tournament format. Every Olympic team plays every other Olympic squad once during the preliminary stages.

In contrast to round robin tournaments, elimination tournaments are the norm in American sports. Unlike in a round robin competition, the victors of each round move on to face each other in the next round of the elimination tournament. For instance, in most tennis tournaments, the winners of each round play each other in subsequent rounds until only one player remains.

While there are other formats for curling tournaments, round robin tournaments are typically used for the preliminary rounds of the Olympic Games. It’s the stage of the competition that occurs before the elimination round, which is the one that determines who takes home the medals. Now let’s find out What is Round Robin in Curling. 

Round Robin Applications

While this is a broad description, round robins can be used in a variety of contexts. Several examples will be discussed further on.

Computer operations

Round robin is a scheduling strategy used in computer operations for dividing up tasks among available workers. Thus doing prevents any one resource from becoming overtaxed and burning out, which might cause problems down the line. Round-robin scheduling typically refers to this method.

Round robin domain name system (or RRDNS) is another application of round robin in computer operations, as it permits several DNS records to be issued for the same IP address. Using round robin, all users of a given domain name will be given the same amount of time to access the domain’s resources.


Round robin scheduling is a mechanism used by sports leagues to ensure that every team plays every other team in the tournament at least once. A round robin competition is another name for this format. In tennis competitions, where progress to subsequent rounds and elimination are decided by round robin play, this is a typical tactic.


A round robin is a popular betting method in gambling and sports betting. What this means is that punters are placing wagers on a number of different events, rather than just one. Parlay betting is another name for this type of wager.

While there are countless permutations conceivable for a round robin bet, the most typical method is to place equal wagers on each game or event in the round robin. A round robin parlay might involve several teams competing against each other, as might happen in a sports playoff.

The bettor still has a shot at winning even if one of their teams loses. Betting odds improve as a result, as there are now more possible outcomes and hence more potential payouts.


One person will start the story, and then others will take it from there in turn. The rules will dictate things like how many lines each player gets to write, how many times an author can go, and how the story ends.

There are websites dedicated to the art of round robin storytelling, in which participants contribute to a single threaded online conference by publishing the next chapter of an ongoing narrative.

Business Meetings and Events

Round robin scheduling can be utilized to ensure that all participants get a chance to offer their thoughts and ideas during corporate gatherings. This guarantees that everyone in the room gets a chance to speak, and reduces the amount of time that can be lost due to rebuttals.

In a business setting, a round robin arrangement can be used to distribute responsibilities, resources, or other opportunities across various persons or teams in an equitable manner.


Tournaments with a round robin format are fair because they allow each player an equal chance of moving on to the next round. That’s because teams can add up their victories and loses to a cumulative record instead of having their season end after a single loss. In principle, this would be more indicative of overall performance than of the outcome of a single game.

Use the men’s curling round robin as an illustration. Sweden, Canada, Switzerland, and Great Britain all won two games each out of a total of six. Their teams were so much better overall that they were automatically moved on to the next curling round. Hope now you know What is Round Robin in Curling.