Search For Whatever the Ship was Carrying

While exploring the islands of the Golden Apple Archipelago, Genshin Impact players might have stumbled upon a sunken ship and been given the task of finding the missing half. Two paths lead to the beginning of this quest, and players may have trouble finding the second part of the ship in such a large map area.

This guide will help players of Genshin Impact locate the missing ship parts and finish the challenging quest. Here you will find out how to search for whatever the ship was carrying.

Search For Whatever the Ship was Carrying

What are Cargo Ships?

Cargo ships are any ships or vessels that carry cargo from one port to another. These vessels, which are also known as freighters, are responsible for transporting the vast majority of goods and materials involved in international trade, and as a result, thousands of them may be found cruising the world’s oceans at any given time.

Transporting and transferring commercial products and merchandise via ship is still widely regarded as the most efficient and reliable method. This is because of how cheaply and safely it handles fragile items.

While shipping firms strive to become carbon neutral and minimize emissions from terminal operations, warehousing, logistics, etc., modern cargo ships are undergoing a revolutionary transformation.

Ships can be broken down into four distinct categories based on the materials they transport: general cargo, multi-purpose, dry-bulk, and tanker ships. Packaged commodities such as food, clothing, chemicals, machinery, furniture, automobiles, and so on make up the vast majority of the cargo carried by general cargo ships. Now let’s find out search for whatever the ship was carrying. 

How to Find the Other Half of the Ship

The first section of the ship is located on one of two islands, and if players examine it carefully, they will discover a curious piece of wood. Finding the remaining half of the ship will be necessary once they have this plank in hand. South of the Twinning Isle is where the photograph begins, showing the front portion of the ship. You can find the remaining half of this ship on a different uninhabited island in the area.

To the west of the Twinning Isle, up on a cliff, is the ship’s other half. Once the players have arrived at the shipwreck, all they have to do to advance the quest is investigate the debris. The third and final part of the mission will then commence, and players will be charged with locating the ship’s cargo.

How to Search for Whatever the Ship was Carrying

Genshin Impact players, once they’ve found the ship’s other half, will have to go on the hunt for whatever it was transporting. Just head for the middle of the massive search area, and you’ll find what you’re looking for.

When the players arrive at the location, they will see a number of sunken ships in the water and will need to steer their boats towards these. There, they’ll find three bubbles near different shipwrecks; interacting with them will unleash the quest’s ultimate foe.

Defeating this peculiar foe will end this Genshin Impact mission and net the player a Precious Chest as a prize.


The second act of the Midsummer Island Adventure introduces a new mission called “From Outer Places,” in which your objective is to locate the other half of the shipwrecked vessel. The goal of this quest is to locate a ship that has broken in two and then recover its cargo, as suggested by the name of the task.

These two portions are separated by a great distance, and it will be difficult to track down their cargo without assistance. Given this, we’ve put together our From Foreign Shores: The Quest for the Missing Section of the Sunken Ship reference.

Here, we’ll lay out the specific steps you need to do to complete this quest. Hope now you are aware of search for whatever the ship was carrying.