VCRuntime140.dll is Missing Error [SOLVED]

We understand that it’s quite irritating when you do a large application download, installation starts, and boom a pop up comes on the screen showing one or the other error. Not only this spoils your enthusiasm which you had been building to use your download but also increases your stress as you tread through an inevitable unending cycle of debugging and removing errors. Don’t fret already; we have your back as we help you understand the most prominent of these errors – the “VCRuntime140.dll is missing” error.

What Is VCRuntime140.dll?

If we talk about the generic definition, the file, VCRuntime140.dll is a Microsoft C Runtime Library application extension of os size around 86 KB, located in the System32 folder which is installed by Microsoft Visual Studio.

To simplify, C++ has a package of files that get installed whenever any software that requires those files, is installed.

These files are responsible for the execution of runtime components of the software. Windows Runtime components are self-contained software modules that you can reference and use from any language, including C#, C++/WinRT, Visual Basic, JavaScript, and C++.

Whenever an application is installed in a system, the application installer first scans the system to check if there are common files needed to run the application that is already installed in the system. Some of these common files can be Windows Runtime Components.

If a particular file is already installed, the application does not install that file. Also, when an application is uninstalled, it does not delete that file because it is marked as a shared file.

Now imagine somehow that common file is somehow deleted or it is inaccessible, maybe due to renaming or it being marked as a non-shared file. The application will lose and essential component and “VCRuntime140.dll is missing” is that kind of error. It also happens when a windows update is installed or when a particular program is unsuccessfully installed.

This error popup usually tempts the users to download the missing file, but when not downloaded from a safe site, it might cause severe damage to the system. It is essential to know which version of the .dll file is suitable for the specific operating system.

Also, there can be issues like corrupt files being downloaded and n puddles where you can fall waste your time. Many users have reported vcruntime140.dll is missing error in adobe creative cloud. In June 2016, adobe creative cloud updated its software so that the creative cloud uses runtimes that Microsoft is currently supporting.

With this migration, the latest version of Creative Cloud Apps will require that the VC 2015 runtimes installed on the system using the software in order to run correctly.

Similar errors have been noticed in photoshop, and even when users reinstall the missing file, it still shows the same error.

In that case, users are directed to repair their systems. The issue is also often observed while launching Microsoft Skype. This error brings a hindrance in the usage of Skype altogether. Every time users try to launch the software; the error keeps popping up.

In addition to this, Kodi also shows “VCRuntime140.dll is missing”, and “MVCR110.DLL” is missing error. Merely reinstalling the application might not solve the problem. In such cases below steps should be tried so as to resolve this issue.

If you are facing such an error, below are some of the steps with which you can fix it.

6 Ways to Fix VCRuntime140.dll is Missing Issue

If you are facing such an issue, below are a few steps that might help you with the error. Follow the steps very carefully.

Method 1. Reinstalling Visual C++ Redistributable For Visual Studio 2015 On Your Windows PC

This method is our most recommended one. Visual C++ Redistributable is a package of Windows Dynamic Link Library(DLL) files for applications written in Visual C++ which is Microsoft’s predominant development environment.

Automatically installed in Windows computers and updated periodically, users may find any number of these packages in their Programs control panel. So if any file is not available, it is preferred to reinstall that file. It is very essential that Microsoft’s guidelines must be strictly followed, and the missing files are installed correctly from the website.

Step 1: Find the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable file from the official Microsoft website. Then, download the file from the site.


Step 2: You will be taken to a webpage where you will be asked to choose the version of the file you want to download.

If your computer is running a 32-bit operating system, then download the x86 version of the file as it will suit your computer.

And, If you are using a 64-bit operating system, then choose the x64 version of the file. Check the box that represents the file you want to download and then hit Next.

Step 3: Open the file. And after reading the Microsoft Software Licence Terms, agree to them so that you can install the missing software pieces.

Step 4: Put a tick on “I agree to the license terms and conditions” and select Install.

Step 5: Restart your computer and check whether the error has resolved.

Method 2: Repairing the Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Distributable

At times, there are processes that harm the files on the computer. Maybe you by mistake deleted some important folder; the packages got corrupt due to an update, power failure during an important update or installation, and numerous other complications.

Windows provides one very effective solution to such anomalies which is repairing the installation through the installer. Don’t forget to reboot after following the process.

Step 1: Go to the control panel.

Step 2: Click on the Programs & Features or Add/Remove Programs (according to the version of Microsoft Windows OS).

Step 3: Find the Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable from the list of programs and then click and select Change.

Step 4: When the uninstaller wizard appears, DO NOT click “Uninstall.” Instead of clicking uninstall, choose Repair.

Step 5: After the repair is complete, reboot the system.

Method 3: Checking The System For Malware

If the above steps prove unsuccessful, we strongly advise you to check your system for malware. Malware, or malicious software, is any program or file that is harmful to a computer. Types of malware can include computer viruses, worms, Trojan horses, and spyware.

These files make uninformed changes in the computer which can cause numerous problems. They can self replicate, hide within important files, and even pose as a replacement. Usually, installers are not able to detect these, and thus the problem is not solved by repairing or rebooting.

Therefore, malware can also be the cause of VCRuntime140.dll error which is hard to detect. Run a complete scan of your system using good anti-virus software. Remove the virus and reinstall things if needed.

Method 4: Reinstalling The Program That Is Showing The Error

Now maybe you should not blame your computer for all errors. There might be a case that culprit is the guest or your newly installed application. Uninstall the error-causing-program and install it again.

It may happen that the program was not installed completely that is, some files that the program was supposed to use were corrupt or not installed.

For example, if the VLC media player is having such problems, go to the control panel and uninstall it from the program list. Then reinstall it from a reliable website.

Method 5: Installing Windows Update

Old is gold works in movies, but your operating system requires regular updates. Equip it with the latest versions so that it can perform its best for you.

Step 1: Open settings and go to updates and security option.

Step 2: Click ‘Check for update‘ and wait till the search is complete.

Step 3: Then download and install the updates that you haven’t installed already.

Method 6: Run The System File Checker

Well, till now you must be exhausted with all these steps. Thus, we present you with the trump card, which will give you a programmer feel. Yes, you are right; we are going to use the command prompt.

Step 1: Open the windows search from the windows button and search for cmd.

Step 2: From the results, right-click on the command prompt, then select run as Administrator.

Step 3: Then type in ‘sfc/scannow‘ without the quotes in the command box and press enter to execute.

Step 4: Wait for the process to complete, and once it has finished, restart your computer.


These are the most reliable methods for removing this kind of error. A gentle reminder that you may not be able to find such a file to download but do not trust any website or link that seems suspicious as it may harm your system.

It may cause a harmful file download which may further become problematic. We hope these steps will prove helpful. Remember to strictly follow the steps mentioned above so you can prevent causing any harm to your system.