Steam Content File Locked [SOLVED]

Steam is a video game online distribution service developed and provided by Valve. It provides for updates to existing Valve games as well as allows you to download 3rd party ones. It provides early access to latest versions, games and everything related.

Not only that, it also allows you to get involved in the evolution of the game by creating your own modifications(mods), or downloading those created by others. The steam universe is enormous and with the features it provides you with, it’s without a doubt a must have for all the gaming population out there.

However, errors in online platforms are inevitable. And one such issue with steam is the “Content File Locked” error. Though very common, it can definitely get you worried. But fear no more as we are​ giving to you the 4 easiest ways to deal with this:

4 Ways to Fix Steam Content File Locked Error

1. Mending The Corrupt Files

Files that go corrupt/missing are one of the major reasons for any kind of software error. It can cause the software to malfunction or stop functioning altogether. It might sound a little technical but believe us, it’s much easier than you think. Just follow the steps given below and you will be on your way:

Step 1 First go to the folder on your PC where you downloaded steam initially.

Step 2 From there click on the folder named ‘Logs’ and choose ‘txt’.

Step 3 To find recent errors, you will have to go to the extreme bottom of the folder. When this is done, find the ‘Root folder’.

Step 4 Restart steam and go to the downloads folder.

Step 5 A notification of required updates will pop up. Proceed with the update to kill the flaws.

2. Retune The Winsock

Another factor that might be causing the problem is the Winsock Catalog. The following operations will be able to help you to deal with this:

Step 1: Press the ⊞ Win (windows) + R key to bring up the run window and to run it, click on the ‘Command Prompt(admin)’ button.

Step 2: The command prompt window will pop up. There, in the dialogue box, type ‘netsh winsock reset’.

Step 3: To implement the command- press “Enter”.

3. Reposition The Steam Installation And Game Files

The methods mentioned above are without a doubt effective in most cases. However, most of us aren’t software engineers to know exactly what is the cause of the error surfacing and thus, all we can do is “Trial and Error”.

This method is highly effective but at the same time requires precision and time. Thus, consider this only after you have tried the aforementioned two ways. To go forward with this, follow the given steps:

Step 1: You will have to navigate your Steam client and open settings.

Step 2: Then, find the Downloads option, open it, and click on “Steam Library Folders.”

Step 3: Choose the “Add Library Folder” option and select the new path where you want your Steam files to be placed. This will define a future location for any further downloads to take place.

This was the first part. The second part will require you to move the steam files to the newly selected folder.

Step 4 Exit Steam and find your current Steam library where the files are stored.

Step 5 There, delete all the files and folders except the SteamFiles and UserData Folders. Also don’t delete the files with ​.exe​.

Step 6 Select and cut all the remaining folders and paste them in the new location you chose in part one of the method.

Step 7 Run steam and Re-login.

4. Disable The Antivirus

Very often it is your Antivirus that may result in the virus occurring. It’s completely normal for the Antivirus to mark Steam files as potential Virus carriers that will harm your computer.

However, Disabling your antivirus is totally at your discretion and can be done easily. Just check at the website of the antivirus you are using how to disable it. Though this may do the trick, it is not one of the safest methods out there


To conclude, Steam being an online platform is not immune to errors. However, more often than not, they are easily treatable, at the comfort of your home without seeking professional help.

The Content File Locked error is a widespread issue and at first glance looks like a complex problem. This leads to us escalating the situation when not needed. We hope that after reading this article, it will seem like a piece of cake to you.