5 Best Free Roku Apps In 2023

Roku is a small, square device that can be connected to a television to allow users to watch movies, TV series, serials, live news, and other content via apps. Some applications/channels on a Roku device allow users to binge watch content. You’ll be relieved to find that not all of these channels ask you to pay to view their material.

There are certain applications that are compatible with your Roku device and do not cost anything! This is especially useful for folks on a budget who want to watch a variety of different types of entertainment.


In this post, we look at and rank some of the best free Roku Apps for 2023. You can try out each one to see which one is ideal for your content-binging needs.

1.  Roku

Roku own free content streaming channel is available through this app. It is available to all Roku users at no cost. It has a wide range of content providers, including anything from popular movies to kid’s shows, live news to action serials.

Furthermore, content on The Roku Channel is constantly updated, which means that new movies and episodes are constantly added to its library for all of its viewers to enjoy.


This programme is one of the most widely used in its field. In addition to being fully free, it has over 100 channels. Content on these channels ranges from action thrillers to rom-coms, science fiction to sports.

It also delivers news and weather updates to viewers. This channel is known for delivering on its promises, ensuring that none of its customers are disappointed with the excellent service they receive.

3. Climate Nation

This channel is the most popular application for weather-related content. WeatherNation is designed to supply certified meteorologists and other well-known and trustworthy sources with weather forecast information.

It also provides local weather information from the National Weather Service, weather maps, and other features to its US users. To take advantage of this app’s wonderful features, simply set up your location. This allows you to see all of the statistics, including temperature, rain forecasts, humidity and cloudiness, dawn and sunset times, and so on.


This application provides access to over 190 channels to its users. All of these are available for free to all Roku users. XUMO is noted for updating its content quickly, which includes anything from stand-up comedy to breaking news, well-known movies to sports media, TV serials to news broadcasts. XUMO is a popular free Roku channel that never fails to impress its viewers.

5. Crackle

In 2023, this channel will be one of the most popular Roku Apps. It provides wonderful services to all Roku customers who choose Crackle because it is completely free. Here, one may easily locate a varied selection of films and television shows.

Classics, dramas, thrillers, action, fandoms, comedy, romantics, documentaries, and much more are all included in the programme. Crackle has a terrific and absolutely unique feature in that it has content that is labelled as “Crackle originals.” These films/shows are unique and only available on this site!


We hope this post has answered some of your questions about the Roku device and the free apps that work with it. So, what do you have to lose? Enter the world of movies, television series, news programmes, and much more. Make some popcorn, curl up in your warm bed, and watch one of these Roku channels. Explore a multitude of free content and binge as much as you want!