10 Best Sites Like AnimeFreak To Watch Latest Anime Shows

Most people know about anime through the site AnimeFreak. The website has millions of users who view internet videos. Free dubbed anime is available on the Anime Freak website. In addition, the website has a variety of categories, so you may watch anime or read manga on it.

When it comes to animated television shows, AnimeFreak is the greatest option. On the Anime Freak website, you can also download anime for free. Customers are flocking to it because of its attractive design. To begin, the navigation bar is located in the upper right corner, followed by the Login and Register buttons, and finally the anime fanatics logo in the centre.


 10 Sites That Are Similar to AnimeFreak

It is possible to view additional anime videos if you are a fan of the art form and are looking for alternatives to AnimeFreak. The same experience and other collections of videos are available to users, and they can also stream them for free. Some of the top sites like AnimeFreak can be found here, as well.

1. Crunchyroll 

Like AnimeFreak, Crunchyroll is a popular site for streaming anime. The most recent episodes of anime series may also be viewed on the site, and they are all in high definition quality. Crunchyroll is also one of the greatest places to watch anime online, thanks to its extensive collection of more than 25,000 titles.

2. Chia Anime

Watch thousands of anime for free on Chia Anime, an anime streaming service. On ChiaAnime, you may not only watch anime but also read manga and watch high-quality Asian dramas. It’s also a reliable source. There’s no reason to be concerned while you’re here.

3. 9Anime

In the world of anime, 9Anime is one of the most well-known distributors. Streaming of the videos is free and available in high definition, so there’s no need to pay to view them. Using it is totally free!

It features a simple layout that makes it easy to navigate. Adventure, fantasy, historical, and more await you at 9ANIME. The website 9ANIME is blocked in India because it hosts pirated content.

4. Masterani

You may watch and stream anime movies online at Masterani whenever you want. It has the most recent anime series available in HD. When compared to other sites like AnimeFreak, the Masterani website features a more user-friendly layout and more opportunities for interaction.

For fans of sci-fi, adventure, and other genres, there are a slew of titles available on Masterani. Ratings and comments might help you decide what to watch. AnimeFreak has a strong competitor in this site, which is why we recommend it.

5. AnimeSeason

AnimeSeason is a high-quality anime website. Subtitles are available for most of the videos on this site, which are also available in HD. In order to watch the anime series during the Anime Season, there is no need to register. This site has a large user base, making it one of the most reliable sites like AnimeFreak.com.

6. The AnimeLab

To keep up with the latest releases, AnimeLab has thousands of episodes available for viewing. It’s free and legal, and it helps support anime creators. In addition, you can watch free episodes of Japanese anime that have been expedited from Japan.

7. KissAnime

For watching anime movies and more, KissAnime is one of the most popular websites on the Internet. Additionally, it provides a wide range of content that can be viewed on both a computer and a mobile phone. On the Kiss Anime site, you may watch high-quality stuff that is completely free of charge

8. GoGoAnime

An excellent anime streaming service is available at GoGoAnime.com. On GoGoAnime, many shows have been dubbed into English. GoGo Anime also has a large database, which is a big draw for the site’s many visitors. In addition, it’s an excellent alternative to AnimeFreak if you prefer it.

9. MyLinkz9.com

No, I’ve never used any of the other anime streaming services. No? This could be the breakthrough I’ve been looking for. Anywhere, anytime access to high-quality data is provided through AniLinkz. AniLinkz, on the other hand, features a slew of adverts interspersed throughout the service.

10. The AnimeStream

AnimeStream has a big database of anime shows, and you can acquire the most recent ones. This website offers a wide range of music genres, each with a slew of different selections, and it is always being updated. A distinctive user interface makes Anime Stream a breeze to use. A good replacement for AnimeFreak is unquestionably here.


It’s safe to say that most individuals enjoy watching anime. You won’t have any problems accessing anime on any of the aforementioned websites, such as AnimeFreak.