9 Best Sites Like KissCartoon for Watching Cartoons Online

The KissCartoon website has a wide variety of cartoon and anime genres to choose from. The content can be sorted according to your preferences, such as the most recent, the most recently updated, or the most recently active. Among the many options available for narrowing down the results are genre, year, language, and a slew of other factors.

On 9Anime, there is a schedule of anime and cartoons that can be found on the site. If you can’t locate your favourite Anime and Cartoons on KissCartoon, we recommend that you check out other sites like it, since these are the best alternatives you’ll ever find.


KissCartoon Alternatives

Only cartoons can be found on KimCartoon.to. This website is best suited for those who are genuinely interested in cartoons and just want a website devoted to the subject.

But there are some redirects to other ad websites that promote the website. Because of the high-definition video quality, you may watch in high definition.

Site visitors hail largely from countries like Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada, although it is a top-rated destination with more than 15 million monthly visitors from those locations.

There is a “Cartoon list” button, as well as a search box at the top right of the homepage, where you can find a variety of Cartoons.

1. The Disney Junior Cartoon Network

It is impossible to omit Disney from giving us with some of the greatest and most enduring cartoons of our lifetimes. Our youth has been enriched by the work of Disney, one of the oldest and most renowned producers of animated films and cartoons.

Like the previous website, Disney Junior provides a great option for watching cartoons and binge-watching at the same time. Because of its bright colours and appealing design, this website is ideal for children. You may find everything from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse to Jake and the Neverland Pirates on our long list of Cartoons.

In addition, the site offers a variety of games and activities based on your favourite cartoon characters. The site offers printable blank cartoons that can be coloured in with pencils, crayons, markers, or any other art supplies.

2. Cartoons

Cartoons On has a huge library of cartoons for users, including both old and new ones. The user is constantly diverted to various websites, making the experience tedious.

In countries such as the Netherlands, US, Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom, this website is a popular alternative to KissCartoon with an estimated 5 million visitors per month.

It’s possible to narrow down your search results by Studio, Characters, Shows, or Series. This site also features a blog where you may learn more about many aspects of cartoons and animation.

You can also view animated movies of all time, from classic “Thumbelina” to some current releases, “The Good Dinosaur.” Last but not least, you can also search for the Cartoon straight through the search tab located on the home page.

3. AnimeRhino

AnimeRhino site is one of the best alternatives to KissCartoon. Cartoons can be found on AnimeRhino despite the fact that it sounds anime-centric. This site features a variety of cartoons, anime series, cartoon movies, and anime movies that you may select from to watch.

The site has a standard interface and is accessible on the eyes, which makes it simple to browse for your choice of Cartoon. There are links on the site if you’d want to save the Cartoon for later viewing. Online cartoons are available in high definition.

It’s also possible to watch Cartoons on any device or app without signing up for an account on this site.

4. KimCartoon.com

In the list of sites similar KissCartoon, KimCartoon.biz is a variation of KimCartoon.to. This site is easy to explore through all the movies and animated series thanks to its straightforward design. The UI is easy to use and visually appealing.

Using this site, you’ll be able to watch the most recent and highly-recommended movies. You may stream Cartoons in varied video quality ranging from 240p to 720p or sometimes 1080p.

5. Cartoon Network

WatchCartoonOnline is the only website in sites like KissCartoon list, which has a very similar design to that of KissCartoon. A highlighted navigation bar makes it easier for the user to find what they are looking for.

The venue is easy to reach by children and is also child-friendly. In other words, the advertisements displayed on this website are appropriate for children. Children can view their favourite cartoons and animes without fear of harming the site.

The WatchCartoonOnline website contains a wide variety of content in several languages, which is constantly updated to include new episodes and movies. This site has the additional benefit of not requiring a subscription charge in order to use it.

If you’re looking to watch your favourite cartoons online, the WatchCartoonOnline website is a great place to start. You can also save the video to your computer and watch it at a later time. From 720p to 4k, the Cartoons are accessible in high-quality video formats.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can submit a request in the site’s request section, which will let you put in a specific request for a show or movie.

6. Masterani.me

In the same vein as KissCartoon, Masterani.me offers high-quality films, cartoons, and anime for free. Using this website is a breeze thanks to its simple design and intuitive navigation. The clean layout of the website makes it easy for viewers to find and binge-watch their favourite shows.

The Masterani.me website also alerts its visitors to the best-rated cartoons and anime shows on television, so they don’t miss out. Content can be sorted using the site’s various filter options, including popularity, status, and ratings. Because it loads so quickly, no buffering will occur when using Masterani.me.

7. The Nickelodeon Network

One of the most recent sites like KissCartoon to offer new cartoons is Nickelodeon. Now, in the guise of a website, it offers a wide variety of new cartoons, all of which are educational and amusing for children.

Similarly to Disney Junior and Cartoon Network, this site is likewise incredibly appealing to children. For Android, iPhone, iPad, Kindle, and other mobile devices there are games and apps based on your favourite cartoon characters.

It’s possible to stay up to date on all of the upcoming Nickelodeon events and tours right here on this website. Additionally, the website provides access to a calendar of upcoming performances.

8. WatchAnimeDub

Cartoons can be watched on WatchAnimeDub as well as on KissCartoon. An extensive collection of Cartoons may be found on this site’s well-designed website.


This list of alternatives to KissCartoon includes not just Cartoons, but also Anime, animated movies, series, and more. Sites like KissCartoon differ from one another because of the type of content they provide.

As a result, you have the option to chose the website of your choosing. You’ll never miss a single episode of your favourite cartoon thanks to these services.