IDP.Generic – What is it and Should it be Removed?

When you are running an antivirus or gaming program Suddenly, you receive a warning saying that a threat named idp generic is detected, so then what is idp generic virus?

The idp in this virus stands for identity detection program, which means that the virus can steal your identity from your computer right under your nose, and you might not even notice a thing, the threat can be either of two types.

*It can be simple false positive which means, the antivirus software could not identify the type of software and categorized into idp generic virus.

*It can be an idp generic Trojan which is a serious problem which steals all the user’s bank details and and other personal information.

And also, it is noticed that the majority of people who experience this virus were using Avast antivirus, it very rare, but some of the android user where caught facing this problem.

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What is IDP.Generic Trojan?

If the warning is not false positive then, it might be the case that desktop or laptop has acquired idp generic Trojan. Trojans are meant to be silent and sneaky the only possible way to identify them is by antivirus software.

Trojan works in the background carefully monitoring the internet traffic, email, applications, and all kind of things which interact with the outside world.

Trojan virus can enter into your system in many ways. Like you might have downloaded the software which contains the virus OR clicked on any pop-up ad which might have downloaded the virus.

Once Trojan is opened it starts downloading other files and hijacking your personal form of emails.

Should I Ignore It?

Basically you should not ignore any kind of virus in your system because it can slow your system down and the applications might not work properly.

Now coming back to idp generic virus you must try to update your antivirus software or try another anti-virus software and check if it catches the same problem again if doesn’t then try virustotal.

Virus total is a website which scans the uploaded file for virus, if it doesn’t flag the file the simply ignore the warning. But if it flags the file then perform a full scan with your antivirus.

What Causes IDP.Generic False Positive?

When the antivirus software which your using is out-dated it generally can’t categorize the newer files hence it flags it as an idp generic. It can be removed by updating the antivirus regularly or you can try changing the antivirus application.

If the virus is still showing up. Computer infections are often proliferated in various ways. Some most ordinarily used methods are spam campaigns; Trojans, fake/unofficial software updates, software ‘cracking’ tools, and dubious software download sources.

Spam campaigns are proliferating malicious programs by sending emails that include infected attachments.

In most cases, attached files are Microsoft Office documents, archives like RAR, ZIP, PDF documents, executable, JavaScript files, and so on. Once opened, they infect operating systems by downloading and installing malicious programs.

Trojans are computer infections that, if already installed, proliferate other malware. Their purpose is typically to cause chain infections.

Unofficial or fake software updating tools cause damage by downloading malicious programs instead of updates/fixes, or by exploiting outdated software bugs/flaws.

A software ‘cracking’ tools operate during a similar manner. They supposedly bypass software activation however, if designed to proliferate viruses, they download and install malicious programs.

Untrustworthy software download tools like Peer-to-Peer networks, third party downloaders, unofficial pages, free file hosting, freeware download websites, etc are often to present malicious executables as legitimate files.

In summary, opening files downloaded using these channels can trick people to put in malicious programs.

TIP: IDP generic can be triggered by the out-of-date version of JAVA on your computer. If you are not sure whether this is your problem or not delete the current java working on your system and update it to the latest version.

What Should I Do If It False Positive?

The Best way to tackle these viruses is to use strong antivirus software and keep updating it to the latest version available. There are other ways to remove the virus from the system they are

Method 1

Before getting into the details, first we have to take the file out of the vault.

If you don’t remove the file out of the vault, the antivirus will block it. Follow the below-mentioned steps

Step 1: Open the Avast Antivirus Application.

Step 2: Move to protection.

Step 3: Select the virus chest from the protection tab.

Step 4: Select restore and add Excursion.

Method 2

It is possible to remove the virus manually by removing all the program related to it, it might not be an easy task because you might not know the application triggering the warning in other cases are removing a single application might solve the problem.

Both windows and mac have clear ways to remove the unwanted applications, After removing the application run the antivirus program.

Method 3

If you are still facing the problem then you can do a system restore to reboot your system to early-stage before you picked up the virus, but be sure to pick up the time period where you didn’t have the virus.

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Recently Avast told that they have resolved this problem and the users need not worry about the idp generic virus, but if you face the problem then be sure to follow the above-mentioned step to resolve your problem.

IDP generic warning is the most like due to the out-dated version of avast anti-virus and can be easily removed by updating the software but if it’s a true virus then it must be removed from the system.

Either way ignoring is not an option if you value your privacy and health of your system.