How To Delete WiFi History

Your router may keep a record of the websites you’ve visited, together with the IP addresses you utilised and the amount of bandwidth you consumed.

In this tutorial, I’ll show you two different ways to clear your router’s Wi-Fi history.

Access the Router Dashboard

This is the proper method for clearing your router’s Wi-Fi activity log. You will need to have access to the IP address, login, and password for your router in order to use this approach.

This data should be available on the router’s rear. Don’t forget to log in with the updated login info if you’ve recently changed them.

If you meet the criteria, continue as follows:

How To Delete WiFi History

Solution 1: Access the router’s configuration page

Launch a web browser on your device, then connect it to your home network by Wi-Fi or an Ethernet cable.

Wait for the login page to load after entering your router’s IP address in the URL. Then, log in using the username and password for your router.,, and are the most common IP addresses for routers. The IP address of your router is shown on computers that are linked to it, such as Windows and Macs.

In Windows, go to the Start menu and search for the Command Prompt (CMD). It is possible to find the IP address of your router by inspecting the attached adapter’s default gateway.

To get your Mac’s default gateway IP address, open System Preferences and click Network. It may be listed under the currently active connection (Wi-Fi or LAN) or the TCP/IP tab.

Solution 2: Explore the wireless activity recorded by your router.

You should locate the System log or Administrative Event log tab on the main dashboard or the navigation bar. This menu item is located in the system’s or advanced preferences.

To access the log, select the tab.

Solution 3: Get rid of the records

You may be able to remove and clean the logs from the router’s log page. Some routers let you save or remove data from individual devices.

You need to learn your way around the router’s control panel and be comfortable with the many settings and options available to you.

Just Restart The Router, Please.

If you’ve forgotten the login information for your router and you know you’ve changed it, this is your final choice.

Please be aware that resetting your router will restore it to its original settings. Your Wi-Fi history, Wi-Fi settings, and any previously created usernames and passwords will all be erased if you perform a factory reset.

If you need the current username and password for your modem router, call your internet service provider (ISP).

If you have to reset your modem router to factory settings, you may need to contact your Internet service provider (ISP) to restore your connection and other settings.

There should be a tiny hole on the rear of your router that you may use to reset it. Inside, you’ll find a reset button.

If you want to perform a hard reset, you’ll need to find a matchstick or a paper clip, place it in the hole, and hold down the button for 10 to 20 seconds (the router lights should flash).

Should I Clear My Wireless Activity Log?

If you have any reason to be concerned about your privacy, you should clear your browser’s history. Because some routers can be set to delete their logs after a certain amount of time has passed, this isn’t always essential.

In addition, a Virtual Private Network should be used to keep your data secure and private when online. The router will simply record information about your connection, such as the time and the amount of data transferred.

Your personal information, including the websites you visit, will not be recorded.


One technique to protect the privacy of your wireless network is to delete the router’s logs.

Even so, your Internet service provider and other parties online will still be able to track your digital footprint. Use a premium VPN service to ensure your online safety and anonymity.