How To Delete Nintendo Switch Account

Here, you’ll learn the steps to remove a Nintendo Switch User Profile. The gaming console’s owner may wish to remove a User Account for any number of valid reasons. Reasons for this include upgrading to a newer version or the gamer no longer actively using that profile. The procedure is straightforward and easy to follow if you’re thinking about doing it but haven’t tried it yet.

So, What Exactly is a User Profile?

Each Nintendo Switch user has their own unique user profile that stores their saved games, custom settings, and other personal information. After establishing a profile, the user can connect it to a Nintendo Account to access Nintendo’s online services.

How To Delete Nintendo Switch Account

Take Care Before Deleting Your Nintendo Account-Related Profile

Any time a user wants to start fresh, they can simply delete their User Profile. The saved data and software will be irretrievably destroyed if the profile is associated with a Nintendo Account and is subsequently removed.

Another downside to unlinking an account is that any Nintendo Switch games bought with that account will be inaccessible until the account is relinked. Upon associating with a new User, the games become playable once more.

Information on Deleting Your Nintendo Switch Account

It’s not hard to delete a Nintendo Switch user profile, however the process could be unclear to some.

Step 1: Navigate to the Switch’s main menu.

Step 2: Access the Preferences menu for the computer.

Step 3: Just pick the User option down there.

Step 4: Choose the account you wish to remove.

Step 5: Pick the Delete option at the very bottom of the page. When a connected User is being erased, a warning appears before the actual deletion, explaining that the console’s system memory will also be cleared. In addition, a PIN entry question will appear if the Parental Control settings have been enabled.

Step 6: Select the Next button.

Step 7: Follow the prompts by clicking Next.

Step 8: Choose to Delete This Account from the menu. Once the user is effectively removed, a confirmation message will appear.

Step 9: To exit back to the main menu, click OK.

Add a Second Switch User to Your Nintendo Account

To get your paid games working again, you’ll need to associate the Nintendo Switch with a new User. What you should do is this:

Connect to a Fresh User Profile

Step 1: Proceed to the Nintendo Switch’s main menu.

Step 2: Select User from the drop-down menu.

Step 3: If you wish to add a new user to your Nintendo Switch, go to Menu > Settings > Users > Add User.

Step 4: To join your Nintendo account, choose the option.

Step 5: To connect a new Nintendo Account, select Sign In and Link.

Step 6: Pick your preferred login procedure. Either an email address or a mobile device can be used to log in.

Step 7: Simply click the link. If the User you chose to link was successfully added, you will receive an email letting you know.


Enjoy the fantastic games available for your Nintendo Switch, and we hope these steps prove helpful in eliminating the unwanted user(s). If you’re having trouble with your Nintendo Switch, we have some troubleshooting articles here that may help.