11 Best Sites Like Yahoo View To Watch Free Movies Online In 2021

When Hulu’s free streaming services were discontinued in 2016, users were left with only “Yahoo View” as an alternative. Yahoo View is a free streaming service from Yahoo that offers a wide range of TV episodes, anime, and movies.

“Yahoo View was decommissioned on June 30, 2019,” Yahoo View said one fine day, causing a hurricane in the hearts of their fans. Furthermore, viewers believe that this is linked to Verizon’s acquisition of Yahoo. In any case, the fanbase now needs to find another way to move on. In this article, we’ll look at different Yahoo View alternatives.



Yahoo TV is an online television service that works with the Yahoo widget on your smart TV and allows you to watch a variety of TV series and movies. It also allows you to use Tumblr while simultaneously viewing movies on the same screen. This means it gives consumers access to a picture-in-picture mode.

In 2022, There are 11 Best Sites Like Yahoo View to Watch Free Movies Online.

Users may view TV series, movies, anime, news, Korean shows, British shows, Latino shows, and more on a single platform with Yahoo View. Yahoo View served as a free alternative for Hulu subscribers. You can use Yahoo View to go to the Tumblr blogging site while viewing your favourite movie. Consider other similar and alternative software, such as Yahoo TV.

1. CouchTuner

CouchTuner is a free online streaming service that offers HD quality TV episodes and movies. You may view full-length movies and series in HD resolution here. Furthermore, the user interface on this site has a deep dark background to give it a theatre atmosphere.

Couch Tuner offers a diverse selection of TV shows and series to stream and watch. In the new release section, you may also locate freshly released movies or shows. It also makes recommendations based on your preferences. You don’t even need to register to watch TV series and movies on Couch Tuner.

Couch Tuner has a search bar, HD quality movies, a dark interface, free access, TV news, trending shows, and other features. Grab your popcorn and enjoy your HD quality movies here.

2. WatchSeries

Another streaming site where you may stream or watch movies and series from all over the world is WatchSeries. It’s also a free streaming service. You may watch, stream, and even download at fast speeds here. You can even record any episodes to watch later.

You may watch, stream, and download without registering on WatchSeries. If you want to remain on top of the latest trends, you can subscribe using your email address. It makes suggestions to improve your experience. This site is for you if you want to view HD videos.

3. TVMuse

TVMuse is a multi-platform streaming platform with five sections: TV Show Guides, Movie Listings, Site Guide, Social Networking Component, and Search Engine. All of the top TV shows are listed with a brief description in the TV show guide.

TVMuse, like 123movies, is a popular site with over 30,000 free HD movies and TV episodes to watch and download. It adds new movies to its database on a regular basis. The social networking feature will assist you in setting up an account and connecting with people all over the world. It even assists in the creation of an unlimited watch list.

Its search engine is modelled after Google’s, complete with the required algorithm. Overall, TVMuse is a delight for movie buffs.

4. HBO Go

HBO Go is a popular streaming service that HBO launched on February 18, 2010. It only allows HBO users to watch HBO programming, such as programmes, sporting events, and movies. You can watch all of their popular shows here, such as Game of Thrones and My Brilliant Friend. This is especially true for people who live in or near the United States.

It has a large library of television shows, news, movies, discussion shows, and special events. It includes a sophisticated recommendation system that suggests episodes and movies depending on your preferences. A watchlist, video on demand, and a simple interface are among the additional features.

5. Yidio

You may watch material from Netflix, Hulu, and other subscription services on Yidio. As a result, it’s known as a video aggregator. You can track, search, and watch videos right here. It’s a mobile and online application.

You may save money and time by using this single app to get all of the movies available on numerous platforms. It contains a universal search bar that lets you look up movies and TV shows from over 70 different sources. It also has free sign-in, a simple UI, large collections, notifications, and other features.

6. YouTube

I’m hoping that everyone is familiar with YouTube. YouTube offers a variety of channels, videos, free channel subscriptions, commenting, and liking options. You may find videos in many genres on YouTube, from entertainment to film to cuisine and lifestyle. Furthermore, the media services would have their own YouTube channels. Similarly to Yahoo View, you may access promo videos and highlights for your favourite show on YouTube.

You can search for CNN and Fox news if you wish to see the news headlines. You may go to PeopleTV for celebrity news, and you can even search for your favourite anime. YouTube, too, provides a live streaming option. However, YouTube has a flaw in that it does not include complete episodes of a few shows or anime, and even all of Yahoo Views’ movies will not be available on YouTube.

7. The Roku Channel

The Roku Channel is a streaming service that offers both free and paid content. On the whole, the free subscription provides limited access. The premium user will have complete access to all of the Roku Channel’s features.

You may watch free TV shows, hit movies, 24/7 live news, sports, and kid’s animation movies on the Roku channel. You can watch HBO, CINEMAX, STARZ, EPIX, and other premium networks with a premium membership.

8. Twitter

Everyone is familiar with Twitter as a social media tool for interacting via tweets. It’s a microblogging service. However, Twitter is also a good place to share breaking news. The video content functionality has been added to Twitter’s platform.

If there is any breaking news, the video will be displayed at the top of the page. Like Yahoo View, you can quickly and conveniently view news highlights on Twitter.

9. Pluto TV

Pluto TV is an ad-supported free streaming service with a limited selection of content. It also has a large selection of TV shows, channels, movies, and movie channels with on-demand movies. On Yahoo TV, it also transmits news, sports, lifestyle, and even some comparable shows. The only thing to look for is your Wi-Fi connection because this is a free service platform that is exclusively free for everyone.

10. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is an online anime streaming service. Yahoo View’s anime show collections were one of the reasons why its viewers binge watched it. Crunchyroll also satisfies your anime cravings after Yahoo views. Crunchyroll offers both free and premium paid streaming, with ad-supported content and limited access. As a result, unlike Yahoo View, it does not provide free access to all anime shows.

11. Tubi

Tubi is a completely free streaming service with in-between-show advertisements that cannot be skipped. Furthermore, it, like Yahoo View, offers a diverse range of genres such as science fiction, drama, and action. Another great feature is that it, like Yahoo View, streams anime shows for free. It also provides access to full-length movies and television series. There are some categories that aren’t even available on Netflix.


This post has reviewed some of the greatest Yahoo View alternatives. However, I believe Yahoo View is the greatest of all. It’s time to look for alternatives to compensate for the loss now that it’s been shut down. I hope that this article has assisted you in finding more channels to watch various series and movies in Yahoo View. Happy binge-watching, everyone!

The aforementioned streaming services are the best Yahoo TV alternatives. You may binge-watch movies and TV shows for free on four of the five platforms mentioned. These options provide their users with a straightforward and fantastic platform that they can use without difficulty. So grab some popcorn and settle in for a movie.