20+ Best Anime Websites To Watch Anime Online In HD {100% Working}

Anime’s popularity has skyrocketed in the recent decade. It is equally popular in both the east and the west. The Japanese word for animation is anime. It is regarded as a Japanese style animation outside of Japan, with its distinctive bright artwork, vibrant colours, and fantasy subjects. Anime is available on a variety of platforms, including television, cinemas, and, more recently, anime streaming websites and services.

People adore the way anime provides a wide range of content on practically any topic. There’s romance, comedy, and thriller, which is the most popular. Anime is a master at building tension, plot twists, cliffhangers, and anything else that keeps the audience guessing. It’s easy to see why Amines are so popular all across the world.

When Watching Anime Online, you Should use a VPN.

You’re probably aware that the legality of online streaming websites is dubious at best. The dilemma is made worse by the fact that most anime series are not licenced outside of Japan. Before viewing anime on Japanese websites, it is recommended to use a secure VPN service such as NordVPN to obtain a Japanese IP address. To accomplish this,

Step 1: First, go to the NordVPN website.

Step 2: Create an account after signing up and selecting an appropriate plan.

Step 3: Choose the “payment mode” option.

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The 21 Best Anime Streaming Sites for Online Anime

If you enjoy viewing anime but don’t want to pay for it, you may be on the lookout for free anime streaming services. What’s this? We’ve made things a lot easier for you by compiling a list of the top 21 anime streaming sites where you can watch anime online.

1. Netflix

Netflix is one of the best online anime streaming services and so ranks first on this list. Netflix, on the other hand, is not a free service. It is completely legal and has incredible features. It has a massive library of anime and film series.

It offers both subtitled and dubbed versions of anime series. Netflix provides several menus for each show’s distinct genres. It also offers a robust web version, as well as apps for Windows 8, iOS, and Android. Netflix premium membership gives you access to a lot more stuff, such as Netflix originals, movies, and TV series.

2. Hulu

Hulu is an unusual name for an anime streaming service. It is, nevertheless, simple to remember and say. This website offers HD versions of anime movies and series from many genres. In addition to anime series, this website offers a wider range of material, including Hulu originals, movies, and sitcoms.

It’s also available on mobile, which is fantastic. This website also has a few drawbacks. To begin with, this site is not free, but the subscription fee is reasonable, at roughly $7.99 per month. Furthermore, it is not available in all countries.

3. KissAnime.ru

KissAnime.ru is another excellent anime website. This website is entirely free. You do not need to sign up for a premium subscription to view any material. It has a high-quality server that responds quickly and effectively.

KissAnime.ru has a massive anime collection. It includes both traditional and contemporary items. All episodes are also subtitled and dubbed in English. As a result, there is no communication problem. This website also features a bookmarking tool for episodes that you wish to view again later. You will need to register on this site in order to use this function, but don’t worry, it is free.

4. Tubi TV

This popular website offers a wide range of anime, TV episodes, and films. The video quality on this website is far superior to that of most other anime websites. Although it just provides a small selection of anime. They don’t have any well-known or well-known anime, but the series they do have are still good.

The website offers a simple interface with a dark colour scheme. The website allows users to sort and filter information by title or genre, and it is simple to use. Tubi TV has advertisements, but not too many to disrupt your viewing experience.

5. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is an official anime streaming service. It offers a paid subscription with access to a lot more content, but you can still view a lot of episodes for free without it. The quality of the videos in the free one will have to be compromised because it is limited to 480p.

In addition, free episodes will feature three ad breaks. But it won’t matter because you can still watch free programmes like Naruto on this site. Aside from that, they offer good servers with minimal lag.

6. JustDubs

JustDubs is also one of the most popular online Anime websites for streaming free Anime TV shows and movies. Not only that, but you can also get free downloads of your favourite anime TV shows and films. Animes from many genres such as horror, drama, comedy, romance, thriller, and more can be found.

JustDubs is a website that offers a wide media library as well as high-quality anime videos. The videos are also subtitled and dubbed to ensure uninterrupted dialogue. The only drawback is that some countries may prohibit this website from delivering free anime content.

7. Yahoo Search

On Yahoo View, you can watch anime for free online. This website offers a large selection of anime programmes and movies. In addition, the video quality is quite good. TV shows are also neatly organised into genres for easy selection.

Another advantage of this site is that it does not contain any advertisements, thus no need to use Ad-blockers before watching videos online. Attack on Titan, Cowboy Bebop, One Punch Man, and even Death Note are among the anime series available on this website.

8. Viewster

This website also offers Anime series and movies, however it is more known for delivering simple or non-Anime films. It provides a good selection of anime episodes and films, however the content isn’t always up to date and is sometimes outdated. This is a wonderful site for those who are new to anime streaming sites.

All episodes include English subtitles, and advertisements are rarely shown. You may watch movies by genre simply scrolling across the webpage, which makes it simple to find them. This webpage is also accessible as an app for mobile devices. It also has Anime collections from several countries. Finally, this website is completely legal and unrestricted.

9. Crackle

This website is likely to be familiar to many anime fans. This site is owned by Sony (so it’s legal), and it provides some good free entertainment. Although there are fewer anime series available in this section, the video quality is excellent.

Apart from anime, it also provides free access to TV episodes and non-anime films. For uninterrupted streaming, the website is also ad-free. The site’s only drawback is that it is not available in all countries.

10. Chia-Anime

This is one of the top anime streaming websites available. Almost all of your favourite anime shows can be found here. This makes this website one of the best places to watch anime online. The audio will not be in English because it is a Japanese anime website, but practically all of the episodes are subbed in English. All of the series have suitable episode titles for optimal playlist organisation and use.

In addition, this website has fewer pop-up advertising than other websites. Manga comics, anime movies, and anime soundtracks are all available on this site. Good anime streaming services, such as Chia-Anime, usually have two players available. As a result, if the first one becomes challenging, you may easily transfer to the other.

11. AnimeBam

AnimeBam has a large database where you can find all kinds of anime series. This site is ideal for novices because it is well-organized thanks to its basic design and offers a large range of anime genres and alternatives.

All of the videos are in high definition. This website also has the advantage of being user-friendly. For example, you can clearly distinguish between dubbed and non-dubbed series because all dubbed series are labelled with a green label.

12. GOGOAnime

You can watch anime online for free on GOGOAnime. This site is unique in that it offers seven distinct servers to pick from. This provides the customer with numerous alternatives and enhances the streaming experience. This site also allows you to download the entire episode if you stay on the default VIDSTREAMING server.

GOGOAnime also has a good selection of animated films. If you want to share your thoughts and opinions about anime with someone who enjoys it, you may do it on our site as well. This website has a chat room dedicated to this purpose where you may engage with other anime fans.

13. Anime-Planet

Anime-Planet is a prominent anime website that offers a large selection of anime films. Because of its agreements with some of the most popular video streaming sites, Anime-Planet is one of the greatest anime streaming sites, and it is also a legal website. This site also has fewer advertisements than other free anime websites.

This site features a feature called “My List,” where you may get a list of Anime series based on what you’ve watched on the site. It’s similar to how YouTube’s recommended videos feature works.

14. AnimeFreak

Because of its daily updates on new anime series and manga comics, AnimeFreak is included in this list of best Anime websites. Because it contains so much information, this site resembles a personal blog. This website is quite useful.

If you use it on a daily basis, you’ll find yourself constantly informed on anime stuff. You may find it challenging to comprehend all of the information and tiny tags on the webpage at first. But you’ll grow used to it eventually.

15. Ani.me

Ani.me is a newly launched anime website. This site is included in this list since it has all of the licenced American anime films. A new anime series is also included. The site is well-designed, and the playback window is appealing.

The site is well-structured, with shows classified by genre, making it easier to search specific episodes. This site has no advertisements in between streaming videos. It also has a search tab that allows you to find your favourite shows to improve your experience. It can also be sorted by the most recent or popular anime series. This website’s only problem is that it isn’t available in all countries.

16. Anilinkz

Anilinkz is yet another free online anime streaming service. The main difference is that it exclusively shows current anime episodes. The site, on the other hand, is really user-friendly and looks fantastic. Any updated video appears on the homepage as a thumbnail, so you’ll know when your show gets a new episode.

This website also includes playback windows where users can debate the current episode, creating an interactive community. This site, too, has a few drawbacks: first, it has a lot of commercials, so you’ll have to be careful not to be sucked into them; second, it doesn’t display old classic anime; it only shows current anime.

17. AnimeNova

Based on the volume of content, Animenova is the greatest anime streaming site. This site is known as the Anime Dictionary because of its massive collection of animes with an alphabetical drop-down menu. It contains a big number of recent anime episodes.

This site is ideal for anime fans, but because of its extensive information, it may be tough to navigate for newcomers. Instead of graphics or movies, this site employs text links. You can also create as many accounts as you like on this site because there is no limit. However, because this site lacks a search box, finding a specific Anime series may be a little difficult.

18. Anime Soul

This anime site has all of the popular series such as Naruto, Fairy Tale, Bleach, and others. Here you may also locate some of the most recent anime series. The home page is extremely user-friendly, as it allows for quick access to all of the anime series.

The site makes use of image links to make it easier to find a specific episode. A “random Anime” button is also available, which suggests Anime based on the website’s recommendations. The main drawback is that it lacks those anime programmes that have already ended.

19. MasterAni.me

MasterAni.me is an anime streaming website that is completely free. It gives you unrestricted access to anime films and episodes. Anime of many genres are available in HD quality with Japanese and English language subtitles.

This site is ideal for individuals who do not like to pay for premium memberships on online anime streaming services. However, there are a lot of advertisements in between episodes on this site.

20. 9Anime

9Anime offers free anime online. This website includes a large collection of anime shows, which is fascinating. Anime from various genres such as action, parody, Yaoi, and dementia are available. The 9Anime website loads quite quickly.

It also includes HD videos. You will not be required to create an account on this website in order to view it for free. It has a large number of separate servers. As a result, you may quickly switch to alternative ones if you run into problems, although you should still be mindful of on-click adverts.

21. AnimeHeaven.eu

The design of Animeheaven.eu is appealing. It includes a large number of anime shows in both dubbed and subtitled versions. It also has anime movies. All of the current Anime programmes’ latest episodes are conveniently accessible.

The special series are correctly classified by genre, amount of episodes, and release date. This site allows you to effortlessly filter the most popular anime. You can also discover a chat area to connect with people about your favourite episodes, similar to Soul-Anime and Anilinkz.


There are numerous free anime streaming websites available. Some of them may be legal, while others may not. However, the Anime websites that we have listed in this article are completely trustworthy.

You may watch it for free online. We found a few websites that provide free content. For good material, some may demand paid subscriptions. It is up to you to decide which option is best for you. Whichever website you choose, you will not be dissatisfied.