VPN for Mac – 5 Best VPNs for Mac Users

Full form of VPN is a virtual private network which helps us to protect our system. When you decided to get traditional virus protection for your Apple pc, you can download or install a virtual private network.

For mac, VPN is a best layer of protection against any type of theft and hacking. Thanks to VPN our system is protected from viruses. It also have extra function to enable the websites that are blocked by offices or schools. They also help us to watch movies, TV etc without any fear of virus.

5 Best VPN for Mac in 2020

1. ExpressVPN

Our top choice is the best all round VPN named ExpressVPN. Our system opens the VPN by default and the app comes with kill switch and split tunneling functionality.

ExpressVPN include fast VPN servers across 94 countries and unlimited bandwidth. The VPN for P2P traffic or unblocking content on streaming service like Netflix expressVPN doesn’t come with a free trial with its VPN as such, but there is a 30-days money back guarantee for reassurance.


+ Easy to use mac app.

+ Super fast speeds.

+ Fantastic mac- dedicated support.


–not the cheapest provider.

2. CyberGhost

We found that mac VPN provider CyberGhost has the smarts to easily backup. It has more then 6000 server across 90 countries.

This VPN also have some extra function that makes this quite VPN interesting. You can unlock Netflix with your VPN and many more apps.

This VPN has recently its interface changed. Now it only gives us room to moan about the add bit clogging, which leads to reduced speed from server. However let’s look at some of its pros and cons.


+ Client have plenty of smart feature.

+ Good performance levels.

+ Torrents are supported.


–website support is underpar.

–slow connection from some server.

3. IPvanish

It is a zero- logs VPN provider. We investigated the privacy in depth to make sure that the company’s claim are accurate . IPvanish provider was only available because the company had been logging information its privacy policy explicitly stated it would not.

IPvanish was founded in 2012 by Mudhook Media, part of the highwinds network group. In 2017 it was acquired by Stackpath, a CDN, cloud service, and firewell company.

It caps data unlimited, speed of VPN is 84 mbps, no data leaks, 1400 plus server across 57 countries also have extra function like Netflix.


+ Fast some countries speeds.

+Best VPN app for firestick and kodi.

+ Great for anonymous torrenting .

+ Zero logs and no IP address leaks.

+ Over 40,000 anonymous IP address .

+ 10 simultaneous connection.


–inconsistent access to Netflix.

–doesn’t unblock BBC player or Disney+.

–doesn’t work in china.

–no browser extension.

4. PureVPN

This pureVPN lets you connect up to 5 device with a single account. I have been unable to stream movies while connected to pureVPN server in the USA.

Pure VPN  provide VPN protection, boast good speed test score,and has a large collection service pure BP and would be well to embarrass the clarity and simplicity found among the competition.


+ Lager server network.

+Specialised streaming server.

+ Good speed test score.


–cumbersome interface.

–heavy Reliance on virtual service.

5. Buffered

Buffered VPN has lot of offer due to its user friendly interface, fast connection speed, and reliable security. There are more than 40 service available in 37 different countries.

Buffered VPN was unable to unblock popular streaming site during our list speed of buffered VPN is 70 mbps. Buffered is a torrent friendly VPN that does not restrict p2p activity on any of its server.

It is secure with 256 bit AES encryption, DNS leak protection, and an automatic kill switch. Buffered VPN does not keep any record of activity. They do keep portal connection logs for up to 30 days.


+Above average performance.

+Work with any openVPN compatible device.

+Unlocks Netflix.

+ Live chat support.


–small network.

–privacy policy is short on details.

–below pan desktop client.

–some dubious info on support website.


We view VPN as the best security for our mac devices. We also discuss about best VPN for mac. that we all know today we all need security service to protect our mac from virus theft and hacking.

The 5 best VPN for mac are ExpressVPN, Cyberghost, IPVanish, PureVPN and BufferedVPN find its profit and losses too. Overall summary we conclude that VPN is it best protection for our mac device.