Android VPN – 5 Best VPN for Android in 2020

VPN can be defined as a mainstream feature that allows any portable device to connect to a secure network connection. Not only so, but it also has the ability to give an access to those websites that impose region-based restrictions which would otherwise not have an access to.

At the moment, there are several VPN service providers which becomes the root for your concern. Hence, it is very important for you to evaluate and scrutinize all the possible aspects of the VPN service that will suit your needs because at the end of the day you will be the one using it.

Once you are on PlayStore, you will see stacks of VPN service apps on related searches which might be a possible reason for you confusion. But in here, we are listing some of the best and top rated VPN service apps that will help you in fulfilling your daily needs.

What Must Be The Motivating Factor Behind Your Choice Of VPNs?

1) The first thing that you have to analyze while choosing a VPN service is what is best suited for you because you are the one who will be using it.

2) Choose the best VPN Service plan that is most affordable for you.

3) Do a profound inspection about the features and viability of the VPN app so that it does not create a fuss while you are using it.

5 Best VPN Apps For Android in 2020

1. ExpressVPN

Rating on PlayStore: 4.5/5

Why should you prioritize VPN Express over other services?

  • Provides you with fast, safe and effortless service.
  • Number of VPN server connections: 160.
  • Number of Servers: 0ver 3000.
  • Network connectivity: Strong.
  • Areas of operation: India, Brazil, Canada, Netherlands, United states, Spain, Australia, Sweden, Hong Kong, Singapore.

Just as the name suggests, this particular VPN app has a very swift network connectivity with absolutely no hassle which makes it convenient for any user to get influenced by their service.

Their app is extremely user friendly and up to the mark, although it has a varied amount of options. This VPN consists of some amazing features such as insecure network detection, location detector and redirect to improve privacy and security.

On account of security, it boasts of AES 256-bit encryption. VPN app provides access to high speed servers to over 94 countries and is adaptable to Android TV, phones, Kindle and tablets.

Commenting on the pricing of VPN Service, it is definitely not the cheapest of all the VPN services available. This might not be affordable for many of us but it undoubtedly, is the best VPN app.

Note: There is a provision for 30-days money refund policy that facilitates you with a trial period for your assurance with the product.

2. Private Internet Access

PlayStore Rating: 4.7/5

Why should you prioritize VPN Express over other services?

  • Cheap pricing policy.
  • Provides a pool of settings.

Private Internet Access VPN Service app is a very user friendly app with a plenty of featured options and settings.

Though it does not have the neat favorites feature, but it provides a stack of unique features such as proxy support, custom encryption, UDP and TP protocol settings as well as handshaking options and vibration alert with an auto-connect option when the device is connected which a very few VPN service apps provide.

The app is built as per the convenience of the customers with an on/off button in the middle, IP address at the bottom and an astounding privacy policy.

They do not provide any free trial policy unlike other VPN service providers, although the subscription policy is far more affordable. Their multi-year pricing policy is furthermore reasonable.

3. Surf Shark

PlayStore Rating: 4.4/5

Why should you prioritize VPN Express over other services?

  • Affordable price range.
  • Works on multiple devices.

One of the best VPN service provider of all times is the Surf Shark VPN service provider. Although it’s very cheap compared to all other VPN apps, it does not compromise with its quality at all.

Surf Shark rarely transform their interface from desktop to mobile as a result of which the developers did not have a tough time in converting to a compact screen size. This in turn gives an access to greater security features such as kill switch, split tunneling and malware blocker.

The most interesting part of using this VPN is its subscription policy which states that a single subscription will cover the entire access through mobile phone, television, laptop, tablet and router which attracts potential customers.

4. NordVPN

PlayStore Rating: 4.2/5

Why should you prioritize VPN Express over other services?

  • High Speed.
  • Double data Encryption for higher security.

The NordVPN app has a Google play downloads over 10 million which is convincing enough to have an affinity towards the app.

The most appreciated feature of NordVPN is that it has a Double VPN technology that provides furthermore security and privacy along with Zero Log Policy that does not trace the online activity of the users. This has a very good feature of auto-connect wherever it finds a Wi-Fi connection.

Although the desktop app consists of some amazing configuration options, but the android app lacks the same. The Android NordVPN app has a custom DNS server and also enables you to utilize Open VPN TCP. The app does not support a well-integrated kill switch option.

NordVPN is a pocket-friendly VPN service provider and there is a provision for 30-days money refund policy that facilitates you with a trial period for your assurance with the product. This app also provides a 24*7 hours hat feature customer support service.

5. IPVanishVPN

PlayStore Rating: 4.1/5

Why should you prioritize VPN Express over other services?

  • Breathtaking performance.
  • Special feature add-on: the Kill Switch.

The IPVanish VPN service app comes with some features such as the obfuscation and split tunneling which makes it the unique one among all other applications.

The kill switch is the most attractive feature that they have finally added which puts the internet connection to a halt as soon as the VPN drops so as to prevent the IP address from being disclosed. Besides all these captivating features, one would obviously prioritize their privacy while surfing through different websites.

The Zero Log feature helps in concealing those searches along with a 256-bit encryption with OpenVPN protocol.

However, customers might not be carried away by the pricing policy but they provide three different price plans with a guaranteed 30-days money-refund option. They also provide a 24*7 hours dedicated customer support service.


These aforementioned VPN service provider apps are among the most top rated and widely used VPNs across nations. These VPNs provide an excellent protection and privacy while browsing several websites that might be region-restricted.

The most appealing aspect about any VPN is that you don’t need to be bothered about any cyber threats since even if the website is inaccessible from your region, it is as if you are completely from a different country altogether that has access to that specific website with the use of VPN.