15 Best Sites Like Torlock That Work in 2023

Metadata can be found in a Torrent file, which is a type of computer file. Although it’s called a “.torrent” file, it does not contain any actual file.

Torlock is a torrent index that enables users to get their hands on the most recent episodes and films of popular television shows and motion pictures. Torrents from this source are always of the highest calibre. Because the service goes down regularly, it’s not one of the more reliable torrent sites.

For many, torrenting is an avenue for downloading everything from software to movies to games to music. When it comes to torrent sites, TorLock has long been regarded as a leader. Lots of seeders and leechers are swarming the TorLock platform, making it a great place to download a wide variety of media assets.


15 Top Torlock Alternatives

The 2016 torrent prohibition didn’t seem to have any effect on TorLock. Despite the fact that it has a flaw, the service is stable because it regularly goes offline. If you’ve been unable to access Torlock for some reason, you may want to try one of the Torlock substitutes listed below.

1. The Pirate Bay

Millions of people rely on The Pirate Bay, a reputable torrent service. The download rates on this torrent service are excellent, and the UI is simple to use.

The torrent version of the Pirate Bay is usually available even when the main site is unavailable. If you want to access sites like Pirate Bay, you should use a high-quality virtual private network (VPN).

2. 1337x

Torrent sites’ popularity is waning, although they are still among the most frequently accessed websites. Because to restrictions placed by schools, workplaces, agencies, and governments, accessing 1337x can be difficult.

Every year, millions of people visit 1337X, making it one of the most popular and well-liked torrent sites on the internet. On 1337X, you can find everything, including movies, TV shows, games, and more.

3. TorrentHounds

When it came to downloading torrents, TorrentHound was one of the most popular. Unlike other torrent sites that have been shut down due to legal actions.

TorrentHound has decided to leave the industry on its own accord. In addition to growing costs, decreased revenue, and anti-piracy pressure, the owner of Torrent Hound had a variety of other reasons.

4. Torrent Project 

1337x is one of the top torrent sites out there, just like other popular sites like TorrentFreak. Search engine for torrents with quick, clutter-free design and validated by various torrent sites. Torrents.me

The clear and well-organized interface of Torrent Project is one of its greatest assets. Quality torrent content distinguishes it as a top contender. There have been problems with this site for the last few days.

5. EZTV (Electronic Video Recording Television)

The EZTV torrent site should be familiar to fans of torrenting software, TV shows, music, and movies. If you’re looking to download new episodes of your favourite television shows, this is the best place to go.

EZTV members receive access to a large number of torrents as a result of this service. Another positive aspect of EZTV is that its UI is very user-friendly. In terms of TorLock alternatives, EZTV is one of the better ones out there.

6. IsoHunter

IsoHunt is one of BitTorrent’s authorised peer-to-peer torrent networks, and as such, it is recognised as a torrent service provider.

It’s a searchable database of the tens of thousands of torrent files out there. It includes a wide range of content, including audio and video recordings, films, novels, and computer programmes and applications.

Users have access to a wide variety of torrents, all of which they can choose to download. Torrent files can be uploaded to IsoHunt as well. It may be a better choice than Torlock in some cases.

7. The RARBG

It is possible to get a broad selection of movie torrents from RARBG torrents, which are not usually seen elsewhere. One of the top torrent sites for downloading movies, music, software and games is also available.

RARBG may be the place to go if you’re looking to catch up on the latest flick tonight.
Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, Ireland, Finland, and Australia have all put a stop to RARBG.

8. YTS

There are many people who use YTS, which is one of the top torrent sites. Over the years, this website has maintained an advantage over the competition. Because of its user-friendly design and ability to download content, YTS is one of the most popular websites.

Movies, TV episodes, and web series in a wide range of languages can be downloaded from the Internet’s vast collection. This website makes it simple to get your hands on the latest episodes of popular American, Indian, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese web series.

9. The LimeTorrents Project

LimeTorrents is a trusted source for downloading movies, TV series, apps, software, anime movies, games, and more. If you want to search for a specific file on Lime Torrents, you can either use the advanced search box or simply browse through the freshest and most popular torrents.

Search engine that doesn’t host other websites’ files is independent of the torrent search engine. Additionally, LimeTorrents lets you post your torrent files for free when you create an account.

10. Torrentz2

Search engine Torrentz2 allows you to download any video, game, software or other digital asset you can think of. In order to give an extensive database of torrents, it integrates results from many search engines. To top it all off, Torrentz2 is completely free and accessible from any computer or mobile device.

11. SkyTorrents

To make torrent searching more convenient, Sky torrents has merged the results of multiple search engines into a single, easy-to-use interface.

The user may rapidly find and download high-quality information using this platform. In addition, the Platform does not require a registration or an installation process of any kind.

There are a few steps you need to do before you can find the information you are looking for. Detailed results, including file sizes and other information, are also provided.

12. Zooqle

If you are looking for a place to download torrent files, Zooqle is the place to go. Furthermore, Zooqle is a one-of-a-kind application that provides the user with a wide range of options.

Downloading large files is easy, and the file storage is impressively large. It’s easy to use because it includes all the apps and software you require.

13. Torrent Downloads

It’s no surprise that Torrent Downloads is one of the most popular Torlock alternatives. One of the earliest torrent sites you may visit today is also available on the site.

Torrent downloads include anything from movies and music to books and software. According to a torrent database, Torrent downloads are not as extensive as those provided by other providers.

14. Apocalypse

Even though Demonoid is one of the earliest BitTorrent trackers, it works. It’s a well-known resource.

Demonoid’s user interface is unquestionably engaging and intuitive, which is why so many people use it. As a result of its enormous public appeal, the site is closely monitored by law enforcement, and it frequently goes offline.

15. The iDope

iDope is a new addition to the list of torrent sites that may be used to download files. It’s not very well-known to the general public, but its content is excellent.

Movies, music, games, software, and TV shows are all available on the site. The user interface could be better, but it’s still usable. It’s completely free to download everything on iDope.

Final Thoughts

Finally, these are the top 15 Torlock alternatives. Nothing to be concerned about in the event of a Torlock shutdown. You have complete freedom to download whatever you want from these torrent sites.