5 Top DJ Software to Use in 2023

Everyone knows that we enjoy dancing to the music provided by the DJ. The DJ’s responsibility is to make sure that the music never gets monotonous and that it adapts to the audience’s mood.

DJing is not a simple job, and it requires a lot of practise and, most importantly, a competent piece of software. So, which piece of software stands out?

How do you know which one to go with? We’ve compiled a list of the 5 Top DJ Software in 2022, so that’s something. Take a look and you might just find the right DJ software for yourself there.


5 Top DJ Software

This is what you’re looking for. The list is designed to make it simple for you to find the Top DJ Software that best suits your needs and preferences, so please keep that in mind while making your selection.

It’s also possible that you don’t like any of the Top DJ Software on our list, and you’re more than welcome to search for alternative options. Make sure you pick a good one because your DJ career could depend on the software you use. Let’s get started with the first item on the list.

1. Ableton Live 10 Intro

There’s no denying that Ableton Live is at the top of the list for a good reason. To say it’s nice would be an understatement; it’s exceptional. Ableton isn’t really designed for DJs. A DAW, or Digital Audio Workstation, is what you’re looking at.

What’s the point of including it? Because it allows you to accomplish two things at once. When you get everything in one package, there’s no need to shell out for two pieces of software.


  • There are over 5000 noises to choose from.
  • Suitable for DJs and DAWs.
  • Support for as many as 15 tracks is provided.

2. PCDJ DEX 3 

Versatile individuals will love this one. If you’re interested in a wide range of activities, from video mixing to karaoke, then this software is for you. It’s possible to do just about everything here, and it’s also highly user-friendly. Using this app, you have complete control over your music.


  • Suitable for video editing.
  • Perfect for a night at the karaoke bar.
  • There are a plethora of audio effects at your disposal.

3. CROSS DJ Mix Package

This is a popular among the general public. Because it is so inexpensive, you won’t break the bank buying it, and it’s an excellent choice for beginners as well.

You won’t get lost in a slew of complicated options because there aren’t many. If you want to have fun and study at the same time, this game is for you.


  • Easy to use.
  • Affordable and basic.
  • There is now a digital vinyl option.

4. Serato DJ 

Because Serato is produced by a business known for its expertise in audio effects, it was only a matter of time before this one came out on top. This software has a tonne of functionality and is also quite user-friendly, so even beginners shouldn’t have any issues with it.


  • It’s possible to build impressive FX chains.
  • Add-ons can be purchased.

5. FL Studio 12 by Image Line

The final choice on the list is also a good one. In addition to producing and mixing music, Image Line FL Studio 12 may also be used for live performance. In addition, they provide a plethora of options that you may find both useful and interesting. Decided to check it out?


  • Beginners will love it.
  • Easy to use.
  • Make music, record it, and then mix it all together.


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