Steam Missing File Privileges Error [SOLVED]

The popularity of video games are not only limited to kids now, it’s now equally enjoyed by teenagers and adults as well. In this crazy-adventurous-hotshot life, Steam by Valve is one of the leading video game digital distribution services or platform in modern game history which tailored gamers and game. It accommodates a such platform where players and game developers can buys and sell video games easily.

5 Ways to Fix Steam Missing File Privileges Error

It’s very troubling for gamers to encounter Missing file privileges error in Steam while waiting for their game to install or update in the Steam, generally in Windows 10. But finally, this Hassel has been shooted with those following ways!

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Method 1: Restart Your PC

This is the most easiest way to restart your computer, probably it may sound bit odd to you but sometimes we often slack more simpler solutions. Nevertheless, if you have already tried this method and found this way of no use, then there are more methods to be embedded.

Method 2: Change Your Download Region

The Steam content system is dependent on the regions. User’s Steam client auto-detects the different regions and set it as default for that user and the servers troubleshooted overload problems.

Hence, the missing file privileges error in Steam occurs on being connected to a corrupted server. So, to overcome this technical problem, we can change the download region to fix it through these following steps:

  1. Open Steam Client Application and have a glance at the top left Steam Menu item and go to Settings.
  2. Click on the Downloads option from settings.
  3. Go to the Downloads Region and select a different nearby region. Keep in mind, that region should be close to you!
  4. Click OK Now your Steam Client Application will make a rapid restart of your Client.

With this method you can tackle issues on where your Steam downloads keep stopping or slow. Hence, if this problem is still not fixed even after restarting, others methods may help you.

Method 3: Stop And Fix The igfxEm Module

As per report, many users fixing igfxEm Module is one of the most effective way to overcome this problem. igfxEm Module is the Graphics Executable Main Module for Intel’s Common User interface, which ensures that when your monitor is disconnected or turned off, the resolution settings are saved.

But this igfxEm Module is from those applications and/or some processes which may interfere in Steam. Here’s the steps to stop and possibly fix technical error on Steam.

  1. Run the windows Task Manager or you can easily do this with Ctrl + Shift + Esc on your keyboard. Although, you can hit a right click on the empty area of Taskbar and can select Task Manager from the menu.
  2. Those who are using Windows 8/8.1/10 tap on the Details Tab. And those who are using older versions of Windows click the Processes Tab.
  3. To make this method more convenient you can sort the steps on basis of name or image name.
  4. Next search for ‘igfxEm.exe’ or ‘igfxem.exe’ labeled Executable file in the list of process.
  5. Now click on the ‘igfxEm.exe’ or ‘igfxem.exe’. Then go to the bottom right side of Task Manager and hit End Task/Process

Method 4: Run Steam With Administrator Privileges

It has been observed that Steam Missing File Privileges Error occurs in many cases for not having the full permission of the system to run the Steam. So in that case, we need to give Steam administration privileges :

  1. First you need to close the Steam Client completely & you can avail this by opening Task Manager.
  2. You will find Steam Client Bootstrapper and then hit the End Task button to close it.
  3. Now right click on the Steam shortcut present on your visual or you can get it in Steam folder in program file by locating the Steam Executable and Run it as Administrator.

Now, to complete this process Steam may try to access the files or folders that need administrative rights.

If this is the root cause of not Steam Missing File Privileges Error then for a permanent solution you can follow these steps:

  1. Open Window file explorer or any other windows compatible file explorer or manager and browse for your Steam folder and open that.
  2. Hit a right click on exe labeled Executable file and select Properties option from it.
  3. Now click on the option Compatibility.
  4. At the bottom of the window and just above of the button ” change settings for all users”, one checkbox will appear comprises ” run this program as an administrator” in it and click the box.
  5. Finally to end click on the Apply button and then press ok.

Method 5: Verify Integrity of Steam Game Files

Sometimes it could be that you may face this problem if your game file is corrupted. This method is juat to check if your game files are corrupted. For this-

  1. Run Steam Application.
  2. Just for a quick search on the game that is giving Steam file privileges error and hit a right click on it.
  3. Now from the pop-up menu select
  4. Now one tab will appear marked Local Files, on the properties screen and click on it.
  5. Finally, hit the button named Verify Integrity of Game Files.

This process will take some time to accomplish as the Steam will compare the files belongs to your system with those are in their server.

The time of processing will depend upon the size of the game you are scanning and if it detect any problem, Steam will fix them automatically.

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Well to get compliment results on Steam Missing File Privileges Error you need to detect the main issue faced by your system regarding this so that you can cope up with the situation as early as possible. If you find this guide helpful and which method helps you to fix the error, don’t forget to share. Good luck!