sppextcomobjpatcher.exe – What is it and Should it be Removed?

While using a windows operating system sometimes you see that your antivirus detects the file named SppExtComObjPatcher.exe. The most probable location of storage must be C:\Windows\Setup\scripts\Win32\SppExtComObjPatcher or C:\Windows\Setup\scripts\x64\SppExtComObjPatcher.

Antivirus generally shows it to be harmful or malicious.You might had been worried and tried your level best to remove this file out of your system. Is it dangerous or not? In this article we are going to discuss in detail about this file.

What Is sppextcomobjpatcher.exe?

Sppextcomobjpatcher. exe generally runs in background along with windows operating system. The most probable location of storage is- C:\Windows\Setup\scriptsx64 folder. This file appears to be the genuine part of operating system but is not legally executable from Microsoft.

Another name for this file is Auto KMS. Many companies and software providers like KMspico use it to create unregistered copies of Microsoft software. This helps in crossing the layers of security and payments hence providing windows and office to employers at relatively less cost.

So, the moment you find this file in your system or Personal Computer it is the clear- cut indication that your windows is pirated.

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How Does It Work On Your System?

The volume licensing of Microsoft permit businesses to provide Windows and Microsoft applications to the students or employees. When setup runs then only one KMS activation key is given to the client. When the key is installed by an administrator the client copies send activation requests to this host.

These requests are satisfied illegally by this hacking tool. Just after connection with remote server the activation process starts which results in activation of the license for 180 days. Run the app again to get additional 180 days of license.

Is sppextcomobjpatcher.exe Safe?

There is common notion that it is safe but hidden dangers have been reported of Trojan running in background. It totally depends upon the source of these files. These type of are pirated version that are not checked from security point and hence there is no assurance of safety.

More than virus it is a hacking tool and can be used by hackers to create zombie attacks on your system for ulterior motives like configuration data access, giving or gathering instruction from remote hackers, upload data from infected device etc. It can log keystrokes and send the gathered information to malicious actors.

There are many other risks associated with the usage of this file like fine charges due to pirated version. Additionally, software cracks are one of the most common ways to infiltrate into users computers.

There may be several ways how Sppextcomobjpatcher.exe might have gotten onto your Windows PC: You installed it by your choice or you bought the computer with a pre-installed Windows copy from fishy retailers who may even ask for extra amount to pay while buying the PC.

So, there is no guarantee of safety as it entirely depends upon the source where it came from.

Some Powerful AV engines identify Sppextcomobjpatcher.exe process as highly malicious and have ability to send file to quarantine.

Currently, the Sppextcomobjpatcher.exe virus is recognized by 39 security tools out of 73, according to the analysis of Virus Total. The most common detection names are:

  • Hacktool.KMSAuto.U
  • HackTool/Win32.AutoKMS.C956504
  • Hacktool.KMSAuto.U
  • Not-a-virus:RiskTool.Win64.ProcPatcher.a
  • HackTool:Win32/AutoKMS
  • Hacktool.KMSAuto.U
  • A Variant of Win64/HackKMS.C Potentially Uns, etc.

There are many ways to prevent malicious files from entering into your Windows system

Generally, software cracks are very deceitful and cause invisible changes into your PC which is undetected at earlier stages. Malicious files are attached with these cracks and it can secretly collect important information from user database like credit card details, account login data etc.

So, there are many ways or security tips to prevent unauthorized access to such malicious executables:

  • Use anti-malware software and always check for warnings.
  • Protect your accounts with strong passwords.
  • Use of two-factor authentication.
  • Never reuse passwords.
  • Avoid using software cracks especially from unknown sites.
  • Installation of an ad-blocking browser extension on your browser.

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Overall, it is illegal third-party tool that may act as a gateway for other unregistered files to get activate and then give rise to malicious activities on computer. So, it is safe to go for registered genuine software.

Ultimately the cost of genuine and licensed software is much less then cost of repairing or even purchasing damaged computer due to malware attack.

Business professional have important information regarding the transaction and organization so they should strictly not use it. But if the system is personal and using such software then it is advised to create regular backup files and restoration points.

In case you are seeing this file, it is recommended to return the windows to store where you have purchased it from as it is pirated. You should scan your system with a good antivirus (like Malwarebytes).

So, eliminating Sppextcomobjpatcher.exe is the best option.