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Twitch Black Screen [SOLVED]


Twitch is an online live game streaming app used Mostly used by gamers like nimo T.V., streamkar etc. This app is subsidiary of Amazon. It has gained it’s popularity since 2012 and continues to remain the most popular game streaming app for gamer.

Since it’s development there is a prominent error faced by many viewers . A black screen appears while live game streaming due to which nothing is visible on the window screen but comments and chats are working properly. As this is a prominent problem faced by the viewers, there are many solutions that have been used to solve this error.

What Causes This Twitch Black Screen?

There are many problem in the system due to which this black screen in twitch appears. Some function in the system are default which needs to be reset again so as to remove this black screen in twitch.

Those error includes the DNS setting, IP address setting, hardware acceleration, browser problems, rooter problems and server issues.

Apart of all these issues, we should make sure that there is a speed network connection and the system is not connected to any VPN’s. There should be a firewall security to protect the system from unprotected incoming and outgoing network traffic. It should be made sure that the system is logged in as an administrator. The reason of this twitch black screen may be-

Google’s DNS setting :- The DNS system might not be working properly and the app will not be able to resolve this error.

IP address setting :- The IP address configuration might not be set correctly, which leads to network issues.

Hardware acceleration :- The hardware acceleration might be clashing with this application although it is meant for improving the performance.

Browser issue :- The web browser might have some bad cache or the browsing data must be corrupted. Usually, refreshing the web browser solve the issue. It is necessary that we should protect our computer from these type of cache by installing anti-virus in it.

Router issue :- The router might be blocking JavaScript or not allocating proper network configuration

Command prompt setting :- The computer might not be logged in as an administrator.

Server issue :-  If there is some technical error in the server of the application, than this cannot be solved unless the app develops some alternate.

How to Fix Twitch Black Screen Error

Solution 1 –  Setting Google’s DNS

All application make use of Domain Name Setting to resolve website names and other address in the option . The DNS is set as default by the ISP.

If twitch in unable to resolve the black screen error, we have to reset our DNS using Google’s DNS setting. Following are the steps to reset Google’s DNS setting-

Step 1 Go to setting in the windows.

Step 2 Click on “Network and internet” . Select “Network and sharing center”.

Step 3 There we will find the network to which the system is connected. Click on the connected network.

Step 4 Then a small pop up window opens . Select “Properties” on the bottom of that pop up window.

Step 5 Double click on the option showing “Protocol version 4 (TCP/IPV4)”,  where we can change the DNS server.

Step 6 Click on “ Use the following DNS server addresses” and the dialogue box becomes editable. Than set the following DNS server :

Preferred DNS server:

Alternate DNS server:

Step 7 Click on “Ok” option at the bottom to save the changes and exit that window. Then restart the system and check whether the error is resolved or not.

Solution 2 – Turning Off Hardware Acceleration

Hardware acceleration is a module used to enhance the performance of any application or videos in browser and computers as well. The setting uses computer hardware instead of software rendering thereby enhancing the load on the operating system.

But, the module doesn’t always go well with this application. So, we can try disabling this hardware acceleration to fix this issue.

Step 1 Open Google chrome and click on the three dots present on the top right corner of the menu bar.

Step 2 A drop down menu opens, click on “Setting” option present at the bottom of the menu.

Step 3 Once the settings menu opens, than scroll down to the very end and click on “Advanced” option.

Step 4 Now again scroll down to the end of the page until you find the sub heading named “System”. Under it, turn off the option that says “ Use hardware acceleration when available”.

Step 5 Go back to chrome to check whether the error has been resolved.

Solution 3 – Resetting Network Configuration

Improper network configuration can be one of the reason for black screen in twitch. Due to this error, twitch is unable to connect properly to the streaming server. This can be solved simply by resetting the network or DNS configuration of the computer.

Step 1 Click on  “Windows +R”, than a pop up named Round will open. Then type “ Command prompt” in the dialogue box. Right click on the application and select “ Run as administrator”.

Step 2 Once the elevated command prompt opens, execute the following commands one after one.

ipconfig /flushdns

ipconfig /renew

Step 3 After resetting the command, go back to main window and restart the computer to check whether the error has been resolved or not.

Solution 4 –  Checking The Router And Browser

There is an alternate setting to resolve this issue i.e. resetting the router and browser. In router, we should make it sure that no firewalls or JavaScript blockers are there. If we are using the Wi-Fi in a public environment than we should try again with private network.

If the configuration of the router is set properly than we should try using different browsers or use another computer on the same internet and try again. This might resolve the error.


Twitch is a very popular platform for game streaming for gamers and black screen in twitch is a popularly known error faced by many. Until a permanent solution for this error develops, we should try using these alternatives or disabling all extensions and plugins, enabling TLS on the system, avoiding the use of VPN’s.

Ethernet Doesn’t Have A Valid IP Configuration [SOLVED]


Have you encountered the error message “Ethernet doesn’t have a valid IP configuration”?  Sure you have and that’s why you are here!

This is a common error in windows 10 operating systems and is most often impermanent. IP (Internet Protocol) is the unique identity for your device and allows you to connect your device over the internet, issues in fetching these IP’s could result in problems accessing the internet.

This guide provides detailed steps to solve issues related to DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) which is responsible for assigning an IP address for your computer for a particular network.

These errors could be due to outdated or faulty network drivers or could be due to incorrect network configuration. The following steps would guide you through some fixes to solve these issues. Simply follow these steps.

How to Fix ‘Ethernet doesn’t have a Valid IP configuration Error

Method 1: Updating Your Network Adapter Drivers

Outdated network drivers are a common issue leading to Invalid IP configuration. These steps will help you to update your device network drivers via device manager to solve the issue.

Step 1: To begin open the Windows Explorer.

Step 2: Navigate to This PC and right-click on it to open Properties.

Step 3: From the window which appears next click on Device Manager option on the left side of the window. Alternatively, you could search for Device Manager using the search feature of windows from the desktop.

Step 4:  From the window that pops up, find the Network Adapters and click on the arrow next to it to display furthermore options.

Step 5: From the available options find your Network adaptor and right-click on it and choose Update driver.

Step 6: Click on Search automatically for updated driver software, this will download and install driver updates for the Network adapter if an update is available.

Make sure you have an active internet connection and your system is connected to the network.

Step 7: After completion of Installation, Restart for the changes to take place and check if the issue persists. If this doesn’t solve your problem move to next method

Method 2: Uninstalling Ethernet Drivers

Sometimes updates for Network adaptors might have caused this issue. Restoring defaults for the network adaptor could solve the issue.

Step 1: Open Windows Explorer.

Step 2: Navigate to This PC and right-click on it to open Properties.

Step 3: From the window which appears next, click on Device Manager option on the left side of the window or you could search from the desktop.

Step 4:  From the window that pops up, find Network Adapters, and click on the arrow next to it to display furthermore options.

Step 5: From the available options find the Network that you want to uninstall and right-click on it.

Step 6: Now select Uninstall device.

Step 7: Click OK to confirm your selection.

Step 8: Upon successfully uninstalling your network adaptor, click on Action present on top of Device manager window and select Scan for hardware changes. This will prompt the system to reset your drivers to the default version.

Step 9: Now Restart your PC and check whether the issue is solved.

Method 3: Restoring TCP/IP Settings

Still your issue of “Ethernet doesn’t have a Valid IP configuration” not solved!

Now let’s try restoring TCP/IP settings. Often this method has proved useful. Restoring TCP/IP setting resets TCP/IP values to the state when the OS was installed. To perform restoration, follow these steps.

Step 1:  Press Windows key + S simultaneously to open the search bar of windows 10.

Step 2: On search bar, search for Control Panel and hit enter. This will open the Control Panel.

Step 3: Find and click on Network and Sharing Centre from the control panel window.

Step 4: From the window that appears next, under View your active networks list select the network that throws you the error and click on Connections options next to it.

Step 5: From the window that just popped up, click on the properties button.

Step 6: Click on install button in properties and select Protocol.

Step 7: Now click on Add and then select Reliable Multicast Protocol option.

Step 8:  Click OK to finish applying changes and now Restart your PC.

Check If the issue has been resolved.

Method 4: Configure TCP/IPv4 Settings

This method is used to configure TCP/IPv4 settings to automatically obtain IP and DNS addresses.

Step 1: Press Windows key + S simultaneously to open the search bar of windows 10.

Step 2: On search bar, search for Control Panel and hit enter. This will open the Control Panel.

Step 3: Find and click on Network and Sharing Centre from the control panel window.

Step 4: from the window that appears next, under View your active networks list, select the network that throws you the error and click on Connections options next to it.

Step 5: From the window that just popped up, click on the properties button.

Step 6: In this window select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) listed under This connection uses the following items and select Properties.

Step 7: In the window that appears, toggle the radio buttons to set Obtain an IP address automatically and to Obtain DNS server address automatically.

Step 8: Click OK to finalize changes. Restart your system to check if the problem has been solved.

Method 5: Disable And Enable Your Network Adaptor

This method involves Disabling and then Enabling your network adaptor. This should hopefully solve your issue.

Step 1: Similar to previous method we need to access Control Panel for this method. First hit Windows key + S to open the search bar.

Step 2: On the search bar search for Control Panel and hit enter. This will open the Control Panel.

Step 3: Find and click on Network and Sharing Centre from the control panel window.

Step 4: From the window that appears next, under View your active networks list, select the network that throws you the error and click on Connections options next to it.

Step 5: Click on Disable to disable your network adaptor.

Step 6: Now click on Enable to enable back your Network adaptor

Step 7: At this point Restart your system and check if the issue still exists.

Method 6: Updating Your BIOS

Updating BIOS sometimes fixes this error. This is an advanced method and varies from system to system, you might need to look up the procedure to do so yourself.

Resort to this method only if the above methods fail and if you are an expert. If anything goes wrong it might brick your motherboard forever.


This guide covers almost all software fixes for “Ethernet doesn’t have a Valid IP configuration” error. Apart from these methods try restarting your modem/routers and try unplugging and plugging back every cable connection to ensure that there is no problem with your modem/routers.

If this guide doesn’t help you there is a high chance that your Network Interface adaptor might be faulty, if that’s the case contact an expert to perform a diagnostic.

System Service Exception Error in Windows 10 [SOLVED]


System Service Exception in Windows 10 is a Blue Screen of Death (BSOD). BSOD is useful for fixing your computer. This type of errors happens because of some reasons like corrupted system files, and issues with outdated or corrupted drivers.

Sometimes we will install corrupted applications that may also cause Service Exception Error. Error Code 0x0000003B indicates BSOD. These type of error is generally found in Windows 10 and can be found in Windows 7 also.

How to Fix System Service Exception Error in Windows 10

We will sort this issue by finding the effected or corrupted files. There are several ways to fix these kind of problems but the most common and top 10 methods are given below.

Method 1: Run Startup Repair

Running startup repair helps in solving system service exception. Follow the step by step guide:

Step 1: First, Reboot or Restart your system and press Shift + F8 function key during the Reboot or Restart. It will take you to Windows 10 Safe Mode.

Step 2: Then select Troubleshoot option from the given options on the screen.

Step 3: After that from the troubleshoot screen, select Advanced options.

Step 4: Now in Advanced options, click on Startup (or) Automatic Repair on the new screen.

Step 5: This will make the PERSONAL COMPUTER check for issues automatically and solve the problem on its own.

Step 6: Reboot or Restart your PERSONAL COMPUTER. It could have fixed your issues or else jump to the next method.

Method 2: Run Disk Check & System File Checker

The steps to do so are –

Step 1: Press Windows + X key.

Step 2: select Command Prompt (Admin) option from the poped out options.

Step 3: When the command Prompt pop up type the following commands and press enter after each and every command you have entered.


chkdsk /f C:

Step 4: The commands will run and fix and repair all the errors in your computer and clean your hard drive.

Step 5: Finally, Reboot or Restart your computer  to apply all the changes.

Method 3: Install Latest Drivers

Sometimes your present drivers get old and may cause these issues. For that we have to update our existing drivers.

Step 1: Press Windows Key + R at the same time to open Run dialog box.

Step 2: Type msc. and press enter, that will open Device Manager.

Step 3: Update all the drivers with yellow exclamation mark. It includes Video Card and Sound Card drivers.

Step 4: Read the instructions given on the screen and follow them carefully to update the drivers.

Step 5: If this does not work uninstall your driver and Reboot or Restart your computer. The old drivers will be installed automatically after the Reboot.

Step 6: Now download and Install Intel Driver Update Utility.

Step 7: Then run the program, click next and install by accepting all license agreements.

Step 8: After completing system updates.

Step 9: Now press Start Scan and then download the drivers after scanning.

Step 10: Now install the latest intel drivers in your Personal Computer.

Step 11: It will clear Service Exception Error of your PC.

Step 12: Even this Method does not work on your PC, jump to the next one.

Method 4: Remove Windows Update Number KB2778344

The steps are as follows –

Step 1: First, Boot into safe mode and then uninstall Windows Security Update.

Step 2: Open the following Control Panel>>Programs>>Programs and Features.

Step 3: Click on View installed updates located on the top left corner of the screen.

Step 4: Search for KB2778344 in the search box, Right click on Windows Security Update and click Uninstall to Uninstall the update.

Step 5: Select Yes if it asks for confirmation.

Step 6: At last Reboot or Restart your PERSONAL COMPUTER to remove System Service Exception Error.

Method 5: Run Windows Memory Diagnostic

Make sure to follow the following steps –

Step 1: First search for Windows Memory Diagnostic in Windows Search Bar.

Step 2: Select Reboot or Restart now and check for problems.

Step 3: Windows will check for errors in Ram and give reason for System Service Exception. 

Step 4: Reboot or Restart your Personal Computer to see if your problem is solved and if not run

Method 6: Run Windows BSOD Troubleshoot Tool

The funtioning steps are –

  • Step 1: Search Troubleshoot in search bar and open it.
  • Step 2: Then click on Hardware and Sound then select Blue Screen under Windows.
  • Step 3: Click on Advanced and tick Apply repairs automatically. 
  • Step 4: Click Nextand let the process finish.
  • Step 5: Reboot or Restart your computer to save changes.
  • Step 6: Hopefully this method may solve your issue. If this method does not work out do not quit and try another method, It may work.

Method 7: Install Microsoft Hotfix

To install it ,you have to follow these steps –

Step 1: Click on this link to visit Microsoft Support.

Step 2: Click on Hotfix Download present there.

Step 3: Instal the downloaded file.

Step 4: Reboot or Restart your computer.

Method 8: Run CCleaner & Antimalware

We have listed the steps as follows –

Step 1: First, Download and install CCleaner. 

Step 2: Run Malwarebytes to scan harmful files.

Step 3: The found Malware is deleted automatically.

Step 4: Then Runn Cleaner and it will do its job.

Step 5: To clean deep select Registry tab and check all the required options.

Step 6: Select Scan for issues. Then click on Fix Selected Issues.

Step 7: Select Yes if asked to backup changes to the registry.

Step 8: After backup is done select Fix All Selected Issues.

Step 8: Hopefully this method may solve your issue. If this method does not work out try another method.

Method 9: Uninstall Specific Programs

Some Applications contains harmful Viruses, malware that will rase System Service Exception issue. There are many applications that causes problem but the list is of common applications.

To solve that issue, Try uninstalling the following programs one after the another and see if the problem still exists.

  1. First, McAfee (Turn off this Software).
  2. Then Webcam (Disable the web cam in settings).
  3. Virtual Clone Drive.
  4. BitDefender.
  5. Xsplit.
  6. Then MSI Live Update.
  7. Then any VPN Software.
  8. AS Media USB Device.
  9. Then Western Digital Driver or any other External Hard Disk Driver.
  10. At last, Nvidia or AMD graphic card software.

Method 10: Revise Recent Changes

Check whether you have installed any new Software or made changes to the pre-existing Software or Hardware and make them as usual. Sometimes newly added programs causes blue screen error.

Some applications that you have downloaded may contain malicious programs that will corrupt your system. So, you have to Uninstall the programs that you have downloaded recently or reset the applications that you have changed.


Windows 10 system service exception causes because of some reasons like harmful Viruses, malware or other malicious programs. Corrupted Windows system files. Damaged, Buggy Windows updates, outdated or incompatible Windows drivers. To fix this problem the above mentioned methods can essentially make you get rid of the System Service Exception Error in Windows 10. It is great if your problem is solved with the above mentioned guidelines.

Kmode Exception Not Handled in Windows 10


Windows has approximately 1.5 billion active users all over the world. When you say that you are one of them, you might feel proud. But, there are a lot of issues user come across frequently. So some troubleshooting skills are necessary for users to be familiar with so that they can fix the issues whenever they encounter them while using windows operating system.

What is Kmode Exception Not Handle Error

The Kmode exception is just a subtype of Blue Screen of Death Errors (BSOD) that windows users come across frequently. This indicates that there may be some conflicting drivers or a particular driver that may cause the system to crash.

The leading cause reported for the occurrence of the ‘Kmode exception not handled’ has been listed below. But this list is not as reliable; as the error varies from one system to another.

The 3 main causes of this error are:-

  1. Absolute driver software in use.
  2. Outdated firmware in use.
  3. Too less memory space available.

Once understanding the causes behind these errors, fixing the Kmode_exception_not_handle error will be very easy for you.

The Kmode exception not handled in windows 10 is not complex error and it can be fixed within a matter of few minutes.

How to Fix Kmode Exception Not Handled

In this article, some of the most effective ways to fix the Kmode Exception Not Handled Windows 10 will be discussed. Some users might require the use of multiple methods to get the issue fixed completely.

Method 1: Uninstall The Driver Displayed In The Error Message

In most of the cases, when error message arrives on the screen, the driver name is displayed that has caused the error in the computer system. To fix the issue, the particular driver should be immediately uninstalled and then the latest version of the driver should be reinstalled on the system. The steps to be followed are discussed in this method are:-

Step 1: At first, press the Windows Key + X for opening the pop up for various services and then choose Device Manager from the list displayed.

Step 2: After that select the driver causing error and Uninstall the Driver device.

Step 3: As soon as the uninstallation is completed, download the latest version of the driver available on your computer system.

Step 4: And at last, restart the computer system.

After implementing the process mentioned above, the Kmode exception issue will be solved. But if it’s still appears then, drivers are working well, and some other factor is causing the error. To fix that, follow the method illustrated below.

Method 2: Free Up Memory Space On Your Computer

Because of the expected use of the computer, the system has accumulated various file and folder, various old files occupying a lot of data, downloads a many more things.

All these items occupy a lot of space on your disk and they together become the cause of several errors like one under discussed. I.e. Kmode exception not handled error.

To solve this error, a method is to free up the disk space. After clearing data from disk the error will not occur again if it occurs due to low space on disk.

Method 3: Update The Driver To The Latest Version

It takes a long time for drivers to update manually and is a tiresome job as it includes a long wait while drivers are being downloaded and also further waiting while they are installed. Thus, most of the users avoid updating their drivers.

But these non-updated drives and software are one of the various errors that a normal user has to face while operating the computer. Thus we suggest you to update your drivers periodically.

The steps to be followed for updating the driver are given below:-

Step 1: At first, open Device manager. (To open in Run Command You can type “devicemgr” as a shortcut)

Step 2: As explained previously, you can also press Windows Key + X and then close the Device manager from the menu.

Step 3: After that, click on Update driver.

Step 4: Now, you can either choose Search automatically to update driver or Browse my computer for driver software.

Step 5: Then wait for all drivers to update.

Step 6: At last, restart the computer system for changes to take effect.


So these are the methods we can use as solution to fix the windows 10 Kmode exception not handled in Windows. The method explained above help you to solve these issues completely. If still these issues occur, then you should contact the developer immediately.

Windows Modules Installer Worker High CPU [SOLVED]


A hot air coming out of Your CPU and it heating up for no particular reason is probably due to the fan spinning inside of it if you haven’t noticed it yet then take out take your CPU out and see from the backside you’ll realise that there exists a fan that spins if you go and check  your  task manager you will see “Windows Modules Installer Worker” which uses a lot of resources from CPU and other resources from disk.

What is Windows Modules Installer Worker?

This system of Window Modules Installer processes various activities like “enabling installation, Modification, removal of the updates and the other components”.

Any window system to be more precisive windows 10 keeps on updating itself its system for better services through the windows update system in it.

This process is generally named as Window modules installer worker but in windows 10 you’ll find it to be Task manager and the file will be named as TiWorker.exe on the detailed tab.

Microsoft in general tend to release the new updates on the second Tuesday of every month which is also known as “patch Tuesday”.

They might also realise it on any other day if that is necessary. And if you hear that fan spin and your CPU using a lot of it then don’t worry that is an indication that it just got updated.

You may not be needing to restart your computer while the update is done but the windows continuously while all this keeps on doing a lot of work so that we can keep working on our PC efficiently.

Why Windows Modules Installer Worker is Using High CPU?

This can be bit hard to take in that Window Modules Installer worker have a high use of the CPU and the resources of disk that is available to it and this is very normal.

Hence you leave it to run and process itself entirely then the window module installer will finish its work and will vanish from the task manager but the duration of the process would entirely depend on your CPU’s speed and storage capacity and how many updates are needed to be done.

Online through various serves and channels you’ll see some recommendation suggesting that one should disable this working which would lead windows from not updating properly which will be harmful for the device hence you shouldn’t be doing that ever.

While some other sites or places might be suggesting something like changing your network connection to “metered ”which will stop windows from automatically updating itself  which will also stop your security update’s protecting your PC from viruses like WannaCry, ransomware hence not letting the system update itself is quite dangerous  and is not suggested by us .

Indeed, if you don’t want the windows to update by itself you can always move the setting from automatically it manually rather than shutting it down entirely.

This probably will be the best solution where the TiWorker.exe can work occasionally and update the window.

Is Windows Modules Installer Worker A Virus?

No, this is a pretty much self-built process in windows and any account or data about viruses have come up so far as in the window module installer worker, or in TiWorker.exe but if you are bothered by the viruses that might get in your PC hence it is advised to run the process of update with any scan of whatever antivirus you prefer .

Fix Windows Modules Installer Worker Issues

If you notice some strange events happening like Windows Modules Installer Worker had been processing for hours or the fan in Your CPU is spinning too much or the update is taking place too often than usual then these issues can be fixed by troubleshooter.

This trouble shooter might not be of any use if the process is running at its usual schedule and pace but it will definitely fix the problem that has occurred with the Windows modules installer worker or the windows update that might have caused the problem in the functioning of the system.

The troubleshooter can identify the issue in the system in the windows update which might have been creating these issues.

For one to run this in their windows 10 system should go about it in the order by opening settings>update and security >Troubleshoot > Windows update>run the troubleshoot, this will lead to the fixation of the problem in the system.

If you find problems even after going for the trouble-shooter method then it will be suggested that you may go for other tools like using the SFC or DISM to have a complete scan of your computer so that it could check upon for viruses or the missing files in the system.

If you still find any kind of issues in the functioning of the system then you might want to go and check out some of the videos by various tech channels to figure it out,

And if none of the above suggestions works for you then you can always go to reset your computer or PC to the factory setting which is its default setting and start your computer with a fresh operating system all over again.

Error Code 0x80070002 in Windows [SOLVED]


Updating processes while working on your laptop or PC might be an entirely cumbersome task if errors like 0x80070002 or 80070002 are encountered. Sometimes also found in the form 0x80070003 or 80070003, these error codes happen to occur when updates for Windows cannot be installed or the process does not finish completely. Let’s make an attempt to fix this error by trying some of the very useful and easy steps as elucidated in this article.

How to Fix Error Code 0x80070002 in Windows

We enlist here some of the very useful ways you can go about fixing the error 0x80070002. The methods do not ensue in continuity, the solutions are mutually exclusive and independent to have you resolve the error. Thus, you need not check every method; just tune in to what you think might actually work for you. So here we go!

Why does the error 0x80070002 occur?

The error code in consideration might, at face, appear differently in different versions of Windows. For example, Windows XP finds it as 0x80070002 while Windows 10/8/7 face it as 80070002. This error usually occurs when some files in the Windows Update are found missing or corrupted, or due to a faulty driver. Even if the update is downloaded and extracted successfully you might get this error issue.

Method 1: Check the Date and Time settings 

How can a solution sound so unbelievably smooth and easy? But yes, here it is! This is how many users of the Windows have happened to fix this error code. Incorrect time and date settings can be one of the major reasons that hinder the Windows updating process. In order to proceed with such an update, time of your Windows computer should synchronize with the internet server time.

If you are using Windows 7/8:

1) Click the Date and Time button at bottom right corner of the screen and click Change date and time settings.

2) Click Change date and time to make sure that the date and time are correct on your Windows computer. Click OK.

3) Ensure to check the time zone you are using is correct. To change, click on Change time zone. Click OK to proceed.

4) Click the Internet Time tab at the top, then click Change Settings button.

5) Ensure to have ticked the checkbox next to Synchronize with an Internet time server. Click Update now.

6) Press OK button to finish the settings.

7) Restart your computer and try performing Windows Update again.

In case you are a Windows 10 user, date and time settings can easily be checked using Command Prompt.

1) Type “cmd” in search box, and right click on Command Prompt search result to click Run as administrator from the contextual menu. Now click “Yes”.

2) Type timedate, and w32tm/resync in the same sequence in the window, and press Enter after each command. If the time and date are incorrect even after the commands have run, you can type manually the correct time and date in the window and press Enter.

3) Re-start your computer after you are done executing all the commands, and initiate the Windows Update process again.

Method 2: Modify the Windows Update installation files 

Sometimes, because of the failure of system update processes, the Windows Update installation files either go missing or corrupted leading to the occurrence of error 0x80070002. To counter this you can try deleting the installation files or rename the installation folder to solve the problem.

Before modification of the filename or folder name takes place, you may need to stop the Windows Update service first. This will close the files or folders which might be open in some programs which could disapprove changing names. Let’s follow the steps below:

Step 1: Disable the Windows Update service

1) Press Windows key + R in order to invoke the Run box.

2) Type services.msc, and click OK.

3) Double click on Windows Update (if you are using Windows XP, double click Automatic Updates).

4) Change the Startup type to Automatic, and click Start in the Service status section. Click Apply. Press OK button to save the changed properties.

5) Restart the PC and try doing the Windows Update again to see if it works.

Step 2: Delete the Software Distribution Folder

1) Open the drive where Windows has been installed in your system. Generally, it is installed in drive C.

2) Go to Windows > SoftwareDistribution.

3) Delete the folder named SoftwareDistribution.

In case you do not want to delete this folder, rename it as SoftwareDistributionOld.

4) Close all the panes.

Step 3: Re-enable the Windows Update service

1) Press Windows key + R to invoke the Run box.

2) Type services.msc, and click OK.

3) Right click Windows Update (if you are using Windows XP, right click on Automatic Updates), and click Start.

4) Restart the PC and try doing the Windows Update again to see if it works.

Method 3: Try Windows Update Troubleshooter 

Troubleshooting the problems in Windows allows you to fix the problems with ease. The Windows Update Troubleshooter is a service one can resort to in the first place after encountering various computer issues. Rapid fix by troubleshooter is possible by its ability to quickly diagnose and automatically resolve them. For this:

1) Download the troubleshooter from Microsoft.

2) Run the downloaded file.

3) Click Windows Update, and click Next.

The troubleshooter revamps the Windows issues while it runs. Post it’s run, restarting the PC and trying again to install Windows Update is advocated.

Final Words

We have attempted to enlist in detail the most common and trusted methods for fixing 0x80070002 error code in Windows Update. Let us know how they worked for you. If the error code still persists, we will be more than glad to assist you further. Feel free to comment below.



We often come across the “ ERR_INTERNET_DISCONNECTED”  while browsing through the internet and this error message belongs to “Google Chrome”. However, it is nothing to be worried about. This is just an error that occurs with a message that says you are unable to connect to the internet.

One must know that this error usually results from the problems with his / her internet connection. This common error indicates that we cannot use the internet anymore or one has lost his / her internet connection.

For example, when you click on some link, your browser will try to retrieve it. If your internet connection is perfect then it will fetch the data from the link or it will give an error. Before going forward, it is very important for one to know what the code “ERR_INTERNET_DISCONNECTED” is!


Now there are few important points that you need to consider while trying to fix the error. You can use the methods shown below to solve the connectivity problem.

The following solutions includes 3 Methods that will help you to fix the error :–


A local area network (LAN) is a collection of devices connected together in one physical location , such as : building, office or home. In order to fix the local area network settings, following the steps that are given below ( for windows 10) :

  • STEP 1 – Go to the “Connections” tab and click on the “LAN settings” button. You will see the “Local Area network” settings popup window.
  • STEP 2Disable or enable the configuration, enter configuration and add proxy server.
  • STEP 3Disable all the checkboxes.


Your browser tends to hold onto information, and over time it could cause problems with logging in or bringing up websites. It’s always a good idea to clear out the browser data or clear cookies on a regular basis.

This method includes two main steps to be followed :

  1. ✓ Click the “MENU” button and select “OPTIONS”
  2. ✓ Select the “PRIVACY & SECURITY” panel and go to the “COOKIES AND SITE DATA” section.
  3. ✓ Click the “CLEAR DATA” button.


  1. ✓ Open Chrome and at the top right click “MORE”
  2. ✓ Click “MORE TOOLS” > “ Clear Browsing Data”
  3. ✓ At the top, choose the time range. To delete everything select “All time”.
  4. ✓ Check the boxes and “CLEAR DATA”.


A wireless LAN (WLAN) profile is a set of configurations with a unique SSID, that provides clients part of a wireless connection to a wireless network. Steps to delete the WLAN Profiles (for windows 10)  are as follows :

  • STEP 1 – Click the Network icon on the lower right corner of your screen.
  • STEP 2 – Click on ‘Network settings‘ and select ‘Manage Wi-Fi settings’.
  • STEP 3 – Under ‘Manage known Networks’ click the network you want to delete.
  • STEP 4 – Click ‘FORGET‘. The wireless profile is thus deleted.

You can now use the above methods to solve your connectivity problem.


Most of the time you see the error code i.e.

“ERR_INTERNET_DISCONNECTED” mainly because of poor internet connectivity. This does not mean that there is any fault in your system.

However there are several other reasons that results in such an error. It could be because of a virus , or a malicious cookie or also become of the antivirus firewall. If all the steps are followed correctly you can prevent the “ERR_INTERNET_DISCONNECTED”.

The Methods mentioned above will surely help you to regain your internet connection.

Thus , you will have a safe and  secured search for a lifetime.