Origin Won’t Open {Solved}

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Origin Won’t Open

This is one of the most commonly reported issues with the origin app by users. This error frequently occurs when a user attempts to play their favourite game online using the Origin programme.

Either they get an unresponsive screen or the app is running in the task management when this occurs. It has also been noted that it simply disappears into the system tray when it is minimised.

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How To Fix It? 

Some possible reasons of this problem need to be considered before looking at the best ways to repair them. Identifying these factors will help us determine what kind of error it has and how to correct it. Due to a flaw in the original app or a need for app updates, you may not be able to use the app.

Let’s have a look at some of the most common causes of this problem in the source client.

When the origin updater updates the origin client, this problem arises. During background updates, the client may be unable to communicate.

As soon as the system has a need to delete or wipe some cache files, a corrupt cache file will be created. The origin client is affected by these vulnerabilities because of these cache files.

Temporary files that have been corrupted over time: The origin client creates some temporary files to ensure that it runs smoothly. It’s possible that these files are corrupted in some way and prevent the client from working. The removal of these files may be effective for the original client.

Errors in the core Origin files can cause issues with the Origin client. Reinstalling the entire client is all you need to do.

Due to the fact that we’ve already looked at a few plausible reasons of this problem. Let’s take a look at some of the ways in which this origin client issue can be resolved so that the client can run smoothly.

1. Allowing The Origin Client to Download and Install The Latest Version

The origin updater must be running in the background for this way to work. If so, you may want to try running Origin while upgrading the client, as doing so causes it to fail. To make the origin client function for you in this situation, follow the procedures indicated below.

Step 1: Right-clicking the taskbar and selecting Task Manager is the first step. After opening the Task Manager, you should look for the Origin app.

Step 2: Once you’ve located it, look in the network column to see if the app is using up all of your internet capacity. If it’s taking up a lot of bandwidth, then it must be upgrading and will take some time to finish.

Once it’s finished, you can start the client up and use it as you normally would. In this case, you should move on to the next method to see if it is consuming any bandwidth.

2. Remove The Origin Cache Files Using

The most frequently accessed data is stored in cache files created by the Origin client. This is done to make sure that the client is loaded as quickly and precisely as possible. Each time it runs, it checks to see if those files are needed or not.

Because of this, the client makes use of the cache files. Files of this type are produced if any do not already exist. Deleting these cache files can often resolve the problem.

This problem can be solved by following the following steps:

Step 1: If the origin client is currently operating, end its process by closing the Task Manager window. Enter “% programdata%” in the dialogue box that appears after pressing Windows + R on the keyboard.

Step 2: Using the Program data folder, navigate to the Origin folder. Remove everything but the Local content from the origin folder.

Make sure you’ve tried running the original client to check whether the problem is fixed.

3. Deleting The Origin’s Temporary Files

This may be a root cause of the problem because Origin produces files for its smooth operation. Delete or remove these files to fix the problem and run the origin client without error. There are files that need to be deleted, but they are concealed.

Step 1: Open the search icon on the Taskbar and type “folder” in the search field. Show Hidden Files & Folders option is in the drop-down menu.

Step 2: Select the “Advanced” option from the “View” menu. Select “display hidden files, discs, and folders” in the advanced options. Lastly, click on “Ok.” “Windows + R” can be used to type “percent AppData percent” and then hit “Enter” to begin.

Step 3: Delete the origin folders in the Local and Roaming locations of the App data folder.

To see if this strategy works for you, try restarting the Origin.

4. Reinstalling The Origin Client

One approach is to uninstall the origin client and then reinstall it from scratch using the latest setup if the other ways fail. Uninstalling this will remove only the Origin client, but not your games, so be careful. To play those games again, you’ll need to re-add them.

Step 1: Using the keyboard, press Windows + R, type Control panel, then press Enter. This will bring up the Control Panel window. Uninstall a programme can be found under the application section. Uninstall the origin client by right-clicking on it in the list.

Step 2: Download the most recent version of the Origin client. Run the setup by double-clicking on it and then click on Install after the download is complete.

To see if the Origin client works or not, open it up and run it.

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There are a number of things you can try if the origin setup isn’t working for you. As a result of these ways, the origin client will perform better for you, as it eliminates all of its mistakes and defects.