Top 8 Alternatives To MegaBox HD

MegaBox is a fulfilling platform for movie fans where they may watch all of their favourite films for free. You may view movies and popular TV shows, and your favourite movies and shows are guaranteed to be available.

You can watch and enjoy the latest movies and shows online, both on the website and by downloading the content for later viewing. The stuff on the website is sure to wow you. While MegaBox is a fantastic platform for amusement, you can also watch movies on other websites, and the options


listed below are worth checking out.

Alternatives to MegaBox HD

1. Movie Diary

One of the greatest alternatives on the list is Movie Diary. It offers a fantastic feature that keeps track of the movies you’re watching. Because the movies are hosted from several sources, you can watch them even if one of them is outdated.

It boasts a user-friendly UI, making it an excellent entertainment platform. With the search box, you can easily find movies of all genres and sorts to watch. It also includes a calendar feature that allows you to see what TV series people are watching and following.

2. Flixster

One of the most intriguing features is that it is a one-stop shop for everything a movie buff could want. It offers a selection of films, television shows, movie reviews, trailers, and social networking. You can also read the latest news about each film. Under the main news tab, you can also learn about the actors and directors.

It also allows you to make friends with folks who have similar movie tastes. It comes with a little movie social network.

3. Movie Genius

Movie Genius features a vast variety of movies that you can view online or download to watch later. It contains pre-loaded movie lists, and you may construct your own lists to include your favourite films. The movies can also be sorted by whether they are new or old. It has the general functionality seen in most platforms, as well as some unique characteristics.

One of these features is the strong recommendation of films based on your preferences. As you browse the content, you will receive recommendations based on your preferences, and you can even recommend movies to your friends through the app.

4. Kanopy

Kanopy allows users to stream over 30,000 videos from a variety of genres, and the films on Kanopy are worth seeing because they include award-winning films and documentaries.

You may be guaranteed to acquire all of the uncommon and hard-to-find movies, as well as the newest and classic flicks and feature films, and all of the content on the site is free of charge. The view settings can be changed.

It has a large library that is accessible by public library cards or university email addresses. It features a fantastic user experience, with all of the featured content appearing first on the home page, followed by documentaries.

5. Simply Watch

It is a platform for users where new services are constantly being introduced. It is a well-known streaming search engine and recommendation service. It is becoming increasingly important for cinema buffs.

Because it is a search engine, all you have to do is type in the title of the movie you want to watch and it will tell you which platforms you can watch it on. Then simply click on the link, which will take you to the movie, where you may watch it.

It includes good features that allow you to view all of the major movies and TV series indefinitely. It also provides up-to-date information about upcoming movies, new releases, and ticket transactions.

6. Bobby Movie

Bobby Movie is a free movie streaming app available for both iOS and Android devices. It includes a large library of movies, TV shows, and channels that you may watch at any time from anywhere in the world. It contains all Bollywood and Hollywood films.

It features movie categories that make it easy for users to find them, such as popular movies, new releases, and other genres.

The materials are available in high-resolution and HD formats, with a search bar for quick access to movies and TV series.


It offers a diverse selection of films, television shows, and documentaries. It contains a large number of difficult-to-find films. The website is routinely updated and new stuff is regularly added.

Users can choose from thousands of movie titles, documentaries, and international films, all of which are available for free. It features a large collection of Indian and foreign films and documentaries. It covers a wide range of genres, including horror, action, adventure, drama, fiction, and much more.

8. Film Bucket List

It’s a bucket list for your movies, as the name implies. You can easily keep track of when the movies you wish to view become available. You can look through the films and add them to your watch list. You may also see what movies your friends are watching and share movies with them.

Notifications about upcoming films are also available, as are details about each film. It offers an excellent user interface that allows you to peruse the available and unreleased movies, as well as the trailers for the movies, to receive a movie overview.


The MegaBox HD features a good selection of movies and a good user interface. While consumers may have a preference for specific features such as Movie Bucket’s impressive list presentation or JustWatch’s better search engines for movies streaming and additional features like as recommendation and viewing history tracking, among others. As a result, the choices stated above are beneficial to you, and you can select them according to your preferences.