Is Stephen Curry Going to the Lakers

On Thursday, Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors will continue their regular season schedule against LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers. Due to an injury to his left leg sustained on February 4 against the Dallas Mavericks, Curry has not played since that day.

The NBA Finals MVP has been diagnosed with a torn interosseous membrane and a torn superior tibiofibular ligament. He was also checked out for a left leg contusion and was supposed to be OK once the All-Star break was through.

There is hope that Curry will return soon, but he will miss the Warriors’ season opener against the Lakers. With their respective standings in the Western Conference, this is a must-win game for both squads.

On Tuesday, the Golden State Warriors shared the encouraging news that Steph Curry is doing well in his recuperation.

Is Stephen Curry Going to the Lakers

During the team’s most recent practice at UCLA, Curry participated in non-contact shooting exercises on his own time. Here you will find out information about is Stephen Curry going to the Lakers. 

Can the Golden State Warriors weather the storm of Steph Curry’s absence?

As of right now, the Golden State Warriors sit seventh in the Western Conference. With 24 games more to play in the regular season, they are currently 29-29. If they want to avoid the consolation bracket of the tournament, they’ll need to play phenomenal basketball.

The Warriors will need to ride out the storm without Steph Curry for at least the first four games back from the All-Star break. The Los Angeles Lakers are a playoff-hopeful squad, making this a pivotal game in the Western Conference standings.

The game against the Minnesota Timberwolves is pivotal, but the one against the Houston Rockets is quite winnable. It’s safe to say that the Timberwolves are on top of

Lakers: Stephen Curry Includes Two Lakers In His All-Time Top Five Players List

Having a company with a history as rich as yours The foundation of the Los Angeles Lakers is, of course, a collection of legendary players. One could easily field numerous winning teams with just the Hall of Fame players on this list.

Even though most modern basketball fans were not alive when the Lakers’ all-time greats were at their peak, certain former Lakers are consistently ranked among the game’s best players. The newest addition to the list is Stephen Curry, star player for the Golden State Warriors.

Fans pay attention when the league’s best players compile a list of the all-time XI they’d most like to play with. Even though Curry’s starting five—which includes two former Lakers greats—is tough to argue against, some fans have noted some notable absences.

LeBron James, superstar forward for the Los Angeles Lakers, was the most notable player that did not make Steph’s final roster. Both James and Curry have been in several NBA Finals matchups. Despite Steph’s 3-1 series lead, James’ 2016 victory for the Cleveland Cavaliers is undoubtedly the most impressive of their encounters.

Lakers vs. Warriors Time, TV Channel and Live Stream

Following the 2023 NBA All-Star Weekend, the next 23 games will be among the most crucial of LeBron James’ entire career. Although James may have been exaggerating a bit, his position is understandable considering the Lakers’ current 27-32 record and slim playoff hopes.

Thursday kicks off the Lakers’ important stretch at home against the Warriors, who are 2.5 games ahead of them in the standings. Following a disappointing campaign in which they were eliminated from playoff contention entirely, the Lakers will look to James, Anthony Davis, and the rest of their retooled rotation to help them get out to a fast start this season.

On the other side, the Warriors hope to rediscover their form at the perfect time so that they can maintain a playoff spot and defend their stunning 2022 crown. Will James of Los Angeles and Curry of Golden State be available when the stretch run of the season begins? Their newest injury report for Thursday’s game may be found at The Sporting News.


The Los Angeles Lakers have been advised by several experts to strengthen its point guard group if they want to make another run at the NBA Finals in the upcoming year, but there is a wide range of views on how best to accomplish this.

Some have speculated that the Lakers will try to sign Deron Williams or Chris Paul, the two most highly regarded point guards available in free agency this year, while others have argued that they should aim lower in the hopes of signing another highly regarded free agent center from this group.

One of the earliest rumors of this extended offseason had the Lakers possibly moving for Golden State guard Monta Ellis, but the NBA lockout had prevented any interaction between teams regarding any player deals. Hope now you are aware of is Stephen Curry going to the Lakers.