In Another World With My Smartphone Season 2

Here’s all the information we have on the upcoming second season of In Another World With My Smartphone, including the premiere date, the teaser, and more! In April of 2023, Touya Mochizuki and his divine smartphone will return with a fresh new look and more women for him to sleep with.

On July 22, 2022, the official website for In Another World with My Smartphone (or Isesuma) announced a new team and animation studio, as well as the premiere date for season two. Nevertheless, on November 25, 2022, the website announced the April 2023 premiere alongside a new visual and the second PV for the season.

Isesuma, which suffered from the standard problems of isekai anime, would supposedly get a new spin thanks to the efforts of renowned anime studio J.C.Staff. Will Touya’s carefree OP existence be threatened by any evildoers or other obstacles that might actually make the MC work for his happiness?

In Another World With My Smartphone Season 2

The audience certainly hopes so about in another world with my smartphone season 2. 

In Another World With My Smartphone Season 2 Release Date

The J.C.Staff and the official Isesuma website have not announced a definite broadcast premiere date, although they are shooting for April 2023.

Waiting five years is unacceptable, thus the earliest possible premiere date is April 11, 2023, the opening day of the anime season (just like season 1). But, as soon as we learn more details on the season two air date, we will update this post accordingly.

In Another World With My Smartphone Story and Season 2 Expectations

Touya is the unfortunate guy who is struck by lightning from heaven in one of the most out-of-the-ordinary isekai scenarios. Truck-kun is suddenly a viable option. Despite being the unfortunate target of God’s careless error, Touya was showered with providence upon arriving in his new realm.

God forgives him by granting him a second chance at life, this time in a fantastical realm, and granting him a single wish. Touya has come to terms with his new situation; all he wants is to keep his phone.

Then, God went all out and improved not only the smartphone, but also Touya’s body, magic, and brain. Touya gains the acquaintance (and love) of many women and high-ranking people on his adventure to explore the secrets of his new world after receiving a new OP body and technologies outside the magical world he belongs to.

Touya takes everything in stride, enjoying himself immensely as he gets entangled in fights both big and small, completing side missions, and picking up harem members with surprising ease.

Touya will likely get to finally see some actual action and get embroiled in his new world’s mystery, in addition to the new harem members brought in by the announcement of a second season.

In Another World With My Smartphone Anime Season 2 Reveals April 3 Premiere

The second season of the In Another World With My Smartphone anime will launch on April 3, 2023, and a new trailer for the upcoming season has been published, showcasing new scenes and introducing the theme music.

Patora Fuyuhara’s light novel series In Another Planet With My Smartphone has been adapted into an anime, the first season of which debuted in July 2017. The series aired on Crunchyroll for 12 episodes.

Even though the story ended on a cliffhanger suggesting a continuation, no such announcement was made. The announcement of an additional season of the anime did not come until last year.

Touya, a normal Earth kid who dies and is resurrected in a fantastic universe, is the protagonist of In Another World with My Smartphone. Touya is allowed to bring his smartphone from the old world with him to the new one, and both it and he benefit from a magical enhancement of its capabilities.

Thus, Touya goes out and has fun in his new dream life, helping people and collecting a harem of female fans.

What Characters Might be in a Second Season of the “In Another World with My Smartphone”?

If a second season of “In Another World with My Smartphone” were to be made, it would pick up right where the light novel series left off. It stands to reason that many of the first season’s regulars would return for the follow-up season.

Touya Mochizuki, a young lad of 15, is the series’ protagonist. He dies by accident at the hands of a god and is resurrected into an other, magical realm. Touya has constantly expanding magical talents and is very attached to his phone, which he uses to learn more about his previous life.

Touya marries several women he encounters along the way, and they accompany him on his journeys. Yumina, princess of the Kingdom of Belfast, the Linze and Elze sisters, and Yue, a girl from a samurai family battling in her own nation, are just a few of these characters.

The second season of “In Another World with My Smartphone” will continue the story of these characters, as well as others like Sushie, Leen, and others, and will likely introduce new and interesting allies and foes for Touya.


Lighthearted anime “In Another World with My Smartphone” is based on a Japanese light novel series of the same name about a boy who is inadvertently killed by a god. That may sound gloomy at first, but the god makes up for the boy’s untimely demise by resurrecting him in a fantastical realm teeming with magical creatures and fascinating people.

The deity lets the youngster bring one item from Earth with him, and he chooses his smartphone, along with all the data from Earth. Hope now you know all the updates of in another world with my smartphone season 2.