How To Delete Messages on iPad

In iOS 16, when you delete a message, it is moved to a new folder labelled “Recently Deleted.” For up to 30 days after you delete a message, it will remain in your device’s storage. It may take up to 40 days for the deletion to be final.

While it’s great that you can easily retrieve any messages that were mistakenly deleted thanks to this feature, there may be instances when you need to permanently delete all of them for reasons of privacy or space.

No need to worry, since iOS 16 on iPhones and iPads features not one but two simple methods of erasing messages forever. The steps are simple; let me show you.

How To Delete Messages on iPad

Remove Messages From Your iPhone or iPad Forever With iOS 16

You can delete individual messages or all of them at once, depending on your needs.

Delete Individual Messages From Your iPhone or iPad

Eliminating a single message forever is as easy as it gets.

Step 1: Launch the Messages app on your iPhone or iPad to get started.

Step 2: Now, touch on Filters at the upper-left corner of the screen.

Step 3: Follow that by selecting the trash can icon that appears at the screen’s footer.

Step 4: You should see a list of all the messages you recently removed on this screen. You can erase messages by selecting them and then clicking the Delete button in the lower right corner of the screen.

How to Forever Erase All Recently Deleted Messages on an iPhone or iPad

It’s just as simple to delete the entire folder.

Step 1: Use the iPhone or iPad’s Messages app to -> Navigation buttons in the top left corner of the screen -> Recently Deleted.

Step 2: Then, in the screen’s lower-left corner, select Delete All and confirm.


That settles it. So, there you have it; a foolproof plan for permanently erasing those pointless messages that have been taking up space in your inbox. So, how helpful was this manual for you? If you answered yes, please leave your thoughts in the box provided below.