How To Delete Favorites on Safari

Everyone should know how to use a Mac for basic functions. Knowing how to use your MacBook, from its most fundamental features to its most advanced options, will provide you the power to simplify your work and troubleshoot effectively.

I think everyone should take the time to learn the fundamentals of using a MacBook and the most common commands. If you own a Mac, one of the tasks you should know how to do is remove bookmarks.

Instructions For Deleting Bookmarks on a Mac

How To Delete Favorites on Safari

Here’s how to get rid of bookmarks on a Mac:

Step 1: Get started using Safari on your Mac.

Step 2: To access the sidebar, open the window and then click its symbol in the upper left corner.

Step 3: When the sidebar is visible, selecting the bookmark symbol will display a list of your saved bookmarks. After that, select the bookmarks tab.

Step 4: To remove a bookmark, simply right-click it and select “Delete.”

Just What is a Bookmark?

This appears to be an easy query to answer. We all know that a bookmark is a small slip of paper or other material used to indicate the page at which one has become distracted while reading. Okay, that’s what a bookmark is in the real world, but it has a different connotation in the digital one.

Similar to a physical bookmark, a Mac bookmark saves a link to a webpage rather than your location within a book.

Use bookmarks to save and quickly retrieve articles, videos, and other online resources. This is helpful if, while surfing the web, you come across a website you really like or a link to a good bargain on a product you wish to purchase.

Creating a bookmark for a page makes it easy to locate it again during a new browsing session, even if you have forgotten the web address.

You can use bookmarks to arrange the various sites you visit regularly in a way that’s convenient for you. You might enjoy looking for new recipes online and reading up on the latest basketball news.

Removal of Mac Bookmarks

Keep in mind that your bookmarks will only work in the browser you created them in. Here, we’ll look at how to remove bookmarks from Safari, Firefox, and Google Chrome, three of the most popular Mac web browsers.

Remove Safari bookmarks

Step 1: To use Safari, start up your Mac.

Step 2: Simply select the Sidebar symbol in the top left corner of the new window. To access your saved websites, click the bookmarks button in the sidebar. As shown in the figure below, you may find the icon between the browser’s forward and back buttons.

Step 3: You may see a list of your saved bookmarks by clicking the bookmark icon (which resembles an open book) while the sidebar is open. Follow that by selecting the bookmarks tab.

Step 4: Use the Delete option from the context menu after selecting the bookmark you want to remove.

If you wish to remove websites from Safari’s Favorites list on the Start Page, you may do it with a few clicks.

To delete a website or web page quickly, simply right-click on it and select “Delete” from the context menu.

You can also pick the folders or individual sites you want to delete by going to the Bookmarks navigation bar on the left and clicking “Favorites.”

Google Chrome bookmarks deletion

Step 1: Chrome may be launched on a Mac.

Step 2: The Bookmark Manager can be accessed from the main menu by selecting Bookmarks. To do so, we’ll create a new browser window.

Step 3: Find the bookmarked item that you wish to remove. Select the Delete option (the three dots) and then confirm your selection.

Using the Command key and a selection of bookmarks, you may erase all of them at once from Chrome by right-clicking on the selection and clicking Delete.

Purge Firefox bookmarks

Step 1: Fire up Mozilla Firefox on your machine.

Step 2: Select Bookmarks from the main menu, and then click the Show All Bookmarks option.

Step 3: On the left side of your screen, a Library window will appear.

Step 4: To remove a bookmark, go to the menu item labelled “Bookmarks” and then find the item you wish to remove. The Delete option should be chosen.