How To Delete Cameo Selfie on Snapchat

Snapchat’s developers have thought of everything to make the app fun, from Lenses to Bitmojis. A plethora of new features like these have been added to the app throughout time to enhance the user experience.

Cameo is the newest addition, and it allows users to make animations with their selfies layered over various backdrops.

There’s a whole new dimension to the Snap experience thanks to these wacky additions. If anything can ruin the enjoyment, it’s an embarrassing cameo appearance, which you might want to recreate.

How To Delete Cameo Selfie on Snapchat

While making one of these is a lot of fun, removing it would be quite a challenge. Here are the measures you can take to alter or remove the Snapchat Cameo photo.

Modifying or Removing Appears in a Snap

If you’re not happy with your current selfie Cameo, you have two options to change it.

Swap Out That Selfie With Cameos

Step 1: Fire up a chat room

Step 2: In the chat window below, click the happy face.

Step 3: When you hold down your finger on a Cameo tile, a little window will popup with more information.

Step 4: Simply select “New Selfie” and you’ll be finished.

By doing so, all previous selfie information will be removed, clearing the way for new ones to be added.

It’s time to take a selfie, so hide the cameos.

Step 1: Navigate to My Profile > Settings.

Step 2: Choose “Clear My Cameos Selfie” from the “Account Actions” menu.

Step 3: To delete all selfie information, simply tap the Clear button.

If you do this, the next time you want to use the Cameo feature, you’ll be prompted to upload a new selfie to replace the one that was previously registered.

If you want to try out Snapchat’s latest functionality, this should help. Stay tuned for more such enlightening articles from us in the near future.