3 Best Google Apps You Must Download in Your Phone

Google is the first image that springs to mind when we think of the internet. Is the sole purpose of a search engine something that Google fulfils?

No, today without Best Google Apps, our mobile devices are less prone to wasting time, apart from making phone calls. Even if all of the following Google apps, such as Gmail and YouTube, are not available on mobile devices, the modern human lifestyle would be incomplete without them.


Best Google Apps

Some of the most popular Google apps:-

1. Google Maps

For the first time ever, Google Maps went live on February 8th, 2005. Among its many uses are the ability to see things from the user’s point of view, such as,

To get people moving.
Purpose of the climate
There are many reasons for this, including security.

Today’s mobile users rely heavily on Google Maps, making it one of the most popular options available. Every three years, Google maps refreshes its data and images. It’s constantly improving its service, starting in August 2018 with the addition of 3D maps.

2. YouTube

In February 2005, YouTube was founded, and in November 2006, it was purchased by Google. A video-based app, it is a life-changing app for humans.

  • Uploading video.
  • Video archiving and distribution.
  • Many people who call themselves “YouTubers” make their living from it.
  • Various YouTubers are engaged in a kind of competition due to an ever-increasing internet presence around the world.
  • YouTube has more than 1300,000,000 registered users, and that number is growing by the hour.

3. Inbox.com

Internet-based message sharing (email) is a part of this digital mechanism. It’s a service developed by Google that allows you to check your email. With an email address ending in @gmail.com, Gmail is a free Google account that has proven to be the best email provider service owned by Google.

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In this world, Google’s new technology, ways, and Best Google Apps continue to play an important role in human development. Some of them are rated highly because of their performance, while others aren’t, but Google’s apps are always improving for our benefit.

We couldn’t live without Best Google Apps on our smartphones. Is it possible to live without YouTube? As a matter of fact, aren’t we all better off because of Google maps?

We’ve become accustomed to using Google apps; they’re now a part of our daily routine.