5 Best Android Launchers In 2023

The numerous programmes on Android are organised, assembled, and associated in a specific way. A launcher is used to carry out this procedure.

They usually consist of a number of home screens to which we add shortcuts and widgets of our choosing. Even though every phone has a launcher, not everyone is happy with their default.

The 5 Best Android Launchers for 2023


As a result, Android has a large number of such applications to satisfy its clients. The following is a list of the Best Android Launchers For 2023:

1. Smart Launcher

It’s an app that promises clients a ‘tidy’ appearance and works flawlessly on your phone. It creates a user experience that is rich in personalization and efficiency.

It also assures that the android speed is increased by its existence. It also makes all of your tasks more easier. Its automated sorting of all applications and icons is a very useful feature in today’s generation.

It is no less than a blessing for those who don’t have time to check through their phones thoroughly in this fast-paced world. Its Smart Search accurately locates the information you seek without wasting time.

2. Launcher of Actions

This fantastic app will enhance the look of your Android. It brings your phone to life with its vibrant colour pallet. Time, date, weather conditions, news, notifications, and more can all be seen at a glance thanks to the adjustable adjustments. It allows you to quickly and easily install widgets.

When you search for an app, it automatically brings up comparable apps and arranges them in a precise order in front of you.

This allows you to get straight to that icon without having to hunt for it. It also allows you to import layouts from other launchers like Nova, HTC Sense, and others.

3. Microsoft Start Menu

This launcher encourages you to keep current and organised. It customises your phone to help you express yourself creatively. It even has the ability to quickly create sticky notes to remind you of something.

Plus, if you want to go back to your original layout after using it for a while, you can easily do so.

It complements your wallpaper with a stunning assortment of Bing photos. If you wish to avoid eye strain at night, you can simply switch to dark mode.

4. Launcher Niagara

This Best Android Launchers encourages minimalism, or making the most of a tiny space. It organises your phone so that you can access everything on it quickly. It has the capacity to adapt to your requirements.

It will take the shape that you want it to have. It easily opens any application without the need for an app drawer. Its relaxing wave movement efficiently completes your chores.

Even in the case of a notice, one can not only view but also read and respond to the notification. Nonetheless, among its users, it is regarded as one of the best app launchers.

5. Lawnchair

It’s a popular Android application that organises everything so you can see all you need at a glance. It works well with adaptable icons.

Its adaptability to the dock, drawer, and desktop is one of its most important characteristics. It has adequate bifurcations in the form of folders and tabs for its drawer.

It works seamlessly with Android’s recents, as well as Google Feed and Homefeeder. Its automatic dark mode is quite soothing. The versatility of its Search bar is gaining appeal these days.


This is a list of the Best Android Launchers currently available. They allow you to customise your phone so that you can have a better mobile experience.

These apps breathe fresh life into mobile phones, which will undoubtedly alter Best Android Launchers.