AtkexComSvc – What is it and Should it be Disabled?

ASUS Motherboard Utility may be a utility software that keeps BIOS and device drivers up-to-date on ASUS computers.

The ASUS Motherboard Utility may be a pre-installed software program on systems built with an ASUS motherboard. The program is about to run on system boot by default. This is often not necessary and should hamper the system boot. Disabling this process is suggested.

However, when downloading or turning on specific software, Atkexcomsvc.exe can create errors. this could be noted that these errors will only occur with ASUS or ACER computers.

If you ever have the error once you have a tool from other manufacturers, it’s likely to be a malicious disguise to stop detection.

It’s also recommended that if it’s put in any folder aside from C:\Program Files or its default directory, you want to automatically uninstall the file.

What Is The AtkexComSvc Process?

The .exe extension shows an executable file. In some cases, Executable files may harm your PC. Therefore, please read below to make a decision for yourself whether the atkexComSvc.exe on your computer may be a Trojan that you simply should remove, or whether it’s a file belonging to the Windows OS or to a trusted application.

The AtkexComSvc Process is said to a component of the Asus Motherboard Utility which may be a software developed and distributed by ASUS.

ASUS may be a Taiwanese based computer, phone, and company that’s primarily famous for its computers. Asus Motherboard Utility is liable for keeping the BIOS and driver software up so far.

For this, it continuously scours the web and might find yourself employing a sizable amount of computer resources. AtkexComSvc is an important component of the software and it’s run as a service on the pc. Some reports also suggest that the AtkexComSvc is in a position to record keyboard and mouse inputs on the pc.

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Should AltexComSvc Be Disabled?

An important question to stay in mind for users who are confronted with high resource consumption by the appliance is whether or not it’s safe to disable the service.

In fact, there’s not much use of the Asus motherboard utility, although the name suggests otherwise.

The Asus motherboard does not features an often update drivers and on the other hand, modern operating systems drivers are updated automatically without additional software.

There have also been numerous reports of the AtkexComSvc and therefore the Asus motherboard utility causing problems with other elements of the PC.

Therefore, it’s recommended to disable or maybe delete the utility and its associated components. It’s absolutely safe and has no side effects on the PC. The PC remains completely stable and may operate even better because of reduced resource consumption.

How To Disable/Delete AtexComSvc And Asus Motherboard Utility?

This section will show you ways to disable/uninstall or remove atkexcomsvc process. Sometimes, you’ll fix errors associated with atkexcomsvc.exe by disabling it.

If you don’t want to be suffering from this, you’re ready to uninstall the service directly. you’ll execute these steps consistent with your demand.

Method 1: Disabling StartUp

Steps for Disabling AtkexComsvc –

Step 1: Open the Run window by pressing Win and R keys, then type services.MSC and hit Enter.

Step 2: Scroll down the service list to seek out Asus Com Service, then double right it and click on Properties button.

Step 3: Select the Start-up type as Disabled and set the Service status as Stop. then, click okay to save the change.

Steps for Removing AtkexComsvc –

Step 1: Open instrument panel and find Programs and Features on this page.

Click on programs and features.

Step 2: within the Programs and Features page, right-click the Asus Motherboard utility and click on Uninstall.

After that, the utility is going to be uninstalled automatically. Since then, you’ll not be suffering from atkexcomsvc exe related errors. Here comes the top of this post.

Method 2: Uninstalling Utility

In case you’re using the Asus motherboard and not filling your CPU with many processes then I don’t suggest you remove it completely.

However, in any case, you’re getting trouble thanks to this application or your system is crashing and hanging then please continue with this process and take away the appliance completely.

To finish this process you need to put in an external application which will completely remove it from your computer and do that process with ease and complete efficiency.

Step 1: Open the browser that you simply wear your computer and prepared to download the installer application first.

Step 2: To download an uninstaller program you would like to see this line: download uninstaller here.

Step 3: Your system receives a file and presses the “keep” button to start out the downloading process.

Step 4: once you receive the file, run it by double click thereon and follow all the installation instructions.

Step 5: Run the program using the shortcut icon or by searching its .executable file.

Step 6: Choose Atkexcomsvc.exe within the list and press the “uninstall” button to get rid of it completely from your system.

So, I gave you a particular explanation to repair the errors and removal process just in case it’ll leave of the hand on your system.

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There are multiple reports of it causing problems. If you’re not an AI Suite user, it’s recommended to uninstall or disable the file. Disabling is safe, and as an executable file, it doesn’t come to any use either.

AtkexComSvc.exe. may often act in your system as a drag variable. This executable file should, therefore, be deactivated. Our aim during this article was to supply you with all the elemental and relevant facts.

Also, you would possibly like better to use the alternate option if you weren’t a computer nerd. it’s going to be a spyware or antivirus program installation.

As it would obviously not be a sensible idea to affect this issue manually without significant skills and knowledge in knowing computer tools.

However, we’ve provided you with many methods that you simply may use to resolve this issue. We hope that this guide was helpful for you and you’ve got got the answer you needed.