20+ Best Sites Like AnimeNova To Watch Anime Online

AnimeNova gives you complete access to Anime series online. By browsing the anime list, you can find your favourite anime series categorised by genre. All that is required is a functional and high-speed internet connection.

20+ Alternatives to AnimeNova for Anime Online

However, due to copyright difficulties, the website has recently stopped running or is currently unavailable. But don’t be concerned! You won’t miss your favourite anime because we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of AnimeNova alternatives in this article.

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1. MyAnimeList

MyAnimeList has a decent collection of animes and also provides information about them, such as characters, dubbed voices, and so on. It also includes a section of anime-related blog postings. Another fantastic aspect of MyAnimeList is its manga (Japanese Comics and Graphic Novels) section, which you may enjoy as well!

2. 9Anime

9Anime has a search bar where you may look for your favourite anime at any time. By browsing the site’s genre section, you can select anime from any genre. It also has an ongoing anime series that you may watch. The sophisticated filter is one of 9Anime’s greatest features. You can sort the anime list by genre, season, quality, status, or language using the advanced filter!

3. KissAnime

KissAnime is regarded as one of the greatest AnimeNova alternatives, with a large selection of animes from many genres such as action, adventure, automobiles, animation, humour, and demons. You may stream your favourite anime for free by searching for its name alphabetically or by selecting it by name.

4. GOGOAnime

GOGOAnime, one of the most popular dubbed anime alternatives to AnimeNova, contains a large collection of English anime. GOGOAnime provides a brief overview of each anime, including characteristics such as its genre, duration, ratings, and quality. You can also rank an anime on its page to help other users decide what to watch.

5. AnimeFreak

Animefreak allows you to watch anime online for free thanks to its attractive and appealing anime pages. It offers both dubbed and subtitled anime. It also creates a watchlist so that you can resume viewing anime later if you become distracted and are unable to finish that episode. Isn’t it cool?

6. Anime Door

Anime Door is, as its name implies, a portal to the world of anime! It has a lot of animes that are divided into categories such as new anime, old anime, popular anime, anime movies, and so on to appeal to diverse consumers. Simply select your anime from the appropriate category, and then sit back and enjoy your favourite show!

7. AnimeLab

You may access AnimeLab’s premium anime library, which comprises the most popular and recent animes. It supports a variety of platforms, including Xbox One, PlayStation, Telstra TV, Samsung TV, Apple TV, Sony TV, Google Chromecast, iPad and iPod touch, Apple iPhone, and PC.

8. AnimeSeason

AnimeSeason is one of the greatest AnimeNova alternatives, allowing you to watch all anime seasons! You can choose anime from the list or search for the name of your desired anime alphabetically in the list. It features a diverse selection of anime, including action, adventure, science fiction, comedy, history, and more.

9. Kaizoku Anime

Anime Kaizoku is a free anime download platform with a large selection of animes from all genres. Each Anime download page includes a brief yet informative description of the anime. You may either search for a certain anime or browse through its numerous categories to download it.

10. Anime Chia

Chia Anime features regularly updated anime and cartoons. Each anime can be streamed from multiple servers, ensuring that the anime is always available on the web. The best part is that it gives you free access to anime!

11. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is the finest site for watching anime because it has more features and functionality. It allows you to view anime for free on the internet. Aside from the free plan, it offers a variety of paid membership options. Some of the animes accessible on Crunchyroll are Food Wars (2015), Death Note (2006), Attack on Titan (2013), and Naruto (2002).

12. Cartoon Network

Funimation is the best site for watching English-dubbed anime in high-definition. It also has a free version and a two-week free trial. Some of the animes available on Funimation include My Hero Academia, Drifters, and Fairy Tail.

13. Masterani

Masterani provides a database of must-watch anime that you should not miss, with a very engaging UI and a decent range of animes from many genres. Some of the anime series available on Masterani include ID: Invaded, Pokémon (2019), Hentatsu, Black Clover, and The Daily Life of the Immortal King.

14. AnimeHeaven

AnimeHeaven is truly a heaven for anime fans, with one of the most unusual interfaces of any anime website. Every anime page has a very dynamic listing of all the episodes. By copying the URL URLs of anime videos, you can download them to view later.

15. AnimeLand

AnimeLand is an excellent resource for watching anime online, particularly English dubs. Some of the animes accessible on AnimeLand include Mysteria Friends, Virtualsan- Looking, and Dragon Quest.

16. Viewster

It is a global video on demand service that was established in 2007. Its headquarters are located in Zurich, Switzerland. It has a large selection of ad-supported television shows and free movies. Despite not being known for anime, Viewster boasts a large library of recent animes in good quality from a variety of genres. It gives you a fantastic anime viewing experience without costing you anything!

17. Anime Tosho

Anime Tosho provides you with a collection from which to choose your favourite animes. You can download any anime you want by searching for it in the supplied search box. It’s free and mirrors most torrents from TokyoTosho’s anime category, AniDex’s anime category, HorribleSubs releases, and other sites.

18. Random Anime

Random Anime does not sell animes, however it does provide options for watching anime online. It includes a fantastic collection of anime lists with trailers, descriptions, and all other pertinent information for each anime.

19. Soul Anime

Almost every anime is listed on Soul Anime! It also has a good selection of anime films. New Fairy Tail Series, Dragon Ball Heroes, Black Clover, and other anime series are available to stream at Soul Anime.

20. Anime Planet

Anime Planet features a huge selection of animes from all genres. This website provides free dubbed and subbed anime episodes. It also has a substantial manga collection. It is, without a question, one of the top sites similar to AnimeNova.

21. Anime Streaming

Watch Anime Online, as the name implies, allows people to watch animes online. It also includes a good selection of subtitled animes and anime films. Another decent alternative to AnimeNova is Watch Anime Online.


These were the greatest AnimeNova alternatives available on the internet. It should be noted that most of these sites are not authorised to provide streaming content without possessing the copyright to it, thus you can watch these anime streams online for free.

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