12 Best Sites Like Afdah to Watch Free Movies and TV Shows Online

Why is it that people choose to watch movies on their computers rather than going to the theatre? Thanks to modern technology, it is now possible to watch any movie, whenever you want. You don’t even have to get up from your chair to enjoy your favourite film.

You don’t have to reserve time for a movie. Despite this, the availability of low-cost subscriptions to view movies online is increasing as more people get online. The flush functioning and gongs of web sites like Afdah are also attracting a lot of attention these days.


This site is unquestionably one of the most popular places to watch movies and TV shows online. Additionally, it has a plush user interface that immediately captures the attention of anyone who sees it. Afdah not only hosts Hollywood films but also hosts Bollywood, Korean, Russian, and more.

Disclaimer: Afdah is not responsible for any copyright, precision, consistency, legitimacy or decency. Watching movies online with Afdah is a pleasurable experience. As an added bonus, you’ll get access to a wide range of free movies.

Afdah Down? What to Do!

It’s easy to get over the ISP’s iron curtain if you use a Virtual Private Network. Afdah can be streamed through a secure VPN connection from any service provider. Afdah substitutes include Yes! Movies, GoMovies, MovieZAP, and a slew of others.

1. 123Movies

One of the best places to watch TV shows, movies, and anime is 123Movies. Furthermore, it allows users to watch a wide variety of high-quality movies and television series without having to pay or register.

Movies can be rented or downloaded and viewed at any time. In addition, users can submit a request via the help page. 123Movies features a wide variety of genres under one roof.

2. YesMovies

Yes Movies is a website where you can watch full-length movies and television shows for free in high definition. Furthermore, it’s the ideal way to have a superb online movie viewing experience.

YesMovies offers a vast selection of movies and TV shows, ranging from Hindi-dubbed productions to Hollywood blockbusters. Also, the number of active users on YesMovies has surpassed the 300k mark today.

It’s true that movies fall into a wide range of categories, from comedy to action to adventure to animation to costume to documentary to drama to family to fantasy to horror ; kung fu to musical to mystery or psychological to romance to sci-fi to sitcom.

Yes, movies have an easy-to-navigate UI! By doing so, users are able to move around the website with ease. You can use Yes Movies to look for the online movies and TV shows you want to watch.

Yes! Google Play Store and Apple App Store do not have the Movie app. As a result, you’ll need to buy it from someone else.
As a result of the illegal content, the website has been closed.

3. GoMovies

At its peak, GoMovies had more than 98 million registered users. In addition, Go Movies provides a wide variety of fantastic features and movies that is the only real reason for its popularity. In addition, it is one of the Vietnamese file-streaming websites, like Afdah, that built a network that allowed users to stream content for free.

In contrast to most other online streaming services, GoMovies does not have distracting or even harmful commercials or obtrusive pop-up windows, making it safe for children to use.

4. MovieZAP

MovieZAP was once known as Movierocks. Movie ZAP’s home page is set up in such a way that it allows for many modes of entertainment.

New releases are the focus of the Movie ZAP website. MovieZAP’s content is of high quality, free, and always available. MovieZAP allows you to download high-quality movies without having to sign up for a membership.

MovieZAP boasts an impressive collection.
Comprises an intriguing collection of films.
There’s no need for a membership.

5. The LosMovies

There are numerous ways to narrow down the selection of movies to watch, including sorting by actors, genre, release year, or IMDB rating, for example. LosMovies has a global audience because to its easy-to-use streaming and category system, which makes it easier than ever to watch movies!

6. The BobMovies 

With the help of BobMovies, customers can easily search through a vast variety of well-known films based on country and many other characteristics. If you’d like to see what’s currently trending on IMDB, Bob Movies has you covered.

BobMovies offers a free, high-definition movie streaming service. You’ll have a lot of fun with the various alternatives available to you here, and they’ll make it easy to have a good time.

7. LookMovie

LookMovie is a great alternative to Afdah if you’re looking for the most recent episodes of your favourite TV shows. Streaming movies has never been easier because to this website’s prowess. Look Movie has very few broken links to other media players.

As well as new web series and movies, Look Movie features a variety of television shows. The content filter in LookMovie is very user-friendly. Look Movie features a wide variety of genres. There are less commercials. A brief synopsis of a film is enough to get the point across.

8. Starz

In addition to producing and distributing premium streaming content, Starz is a leading global media and entertainment organisation. The best thing about Starz’s website is that it’s easy for users to navigate around. There are no more bothersome pop-up advertisements when you are trying to enjoy a movie.

Starz allows you to change the quality of the stream based on the capabilities of your gadget. Over 7,500 premium television episodes and movies are available to Starz subscribers, including STARZ Original shows and first-run films, among other popular offerings.

In order to attract and retain the best people, it strives to create a tough yet entertaining work atmosphere that rewards hard work and encourages loyalty.

9. Sling TV 

Internet television service Sling TV was launched in the United States in February of this year. As a supplement to subscription-based services like Netflix, SlingTV is not intended as a comprehensive replacement for traditional pay television providers.

Subscription fees for SlingTV vary depending on the bundle you select. Sling TV requires a home broadband internet connection of at least 5.0 megabits per second in order to function properly (25 MBPS or higher is recommended). With the new grid guide, it’s much easier to use than the old one.

10. Movies on Facebook

Free movie streaming service FMovies is available for everybody to use. It provides access to more than 8500 TV series and 6,000 movies. As soon as new content is made available on the FMovies website, you’ll be the first to know. Messages will be sent to your email.

11. Putlocker

A wide variety of content may be found on Putlockers. In addition, Putlocker offers the most recent releases in the movie industry, so you won’t want to miss anything.

Putlockers has a wide selection of the most popular and highly rated movies. In addition, you can open a link to a movie trailer by clicking on any of the movie posters displayed around the website. Loading something is a simple and painless process.

12. FilmClub’s

On the list of best sites like Afdah, last but not least. FilmClub is powered by a powerful server that can handle a large number of movies, making it easy to find videos without having to click from one link to the next.

The website for the Film Club has undergone a recent makeover. The interface of Film Club is stunning, and it allows users to search for movies by title or genre. From horror to science fiction, FilmClub has it all.


Sites like Afdah, which offer high-quality movies in HD, are listed above. Finally, most of these sites are free and straightforward to use. Afdah and its alternatives are just one example of the many options available. In addition, these alternatives to Afdah are both active and functional.