10 Best Sites Like 1337X Get Free Movies, TV Series

1337x is one of the top websites with jaw-dropping unique features for its customers. Users can use these features to browse websites all over the world and download movies, TV shows, music, software, games, and digital books, among other things. Unfortunately, most countries and Internet service providers have banned the website because of server difficulties and security concerns.

Users in the affected areas are not permitted to access the website directly through their Internet service providers. Because of the rapid rate of technical improvements, developers have been able to establish mirror/proxy websites. These websites also allow users to access the functionality that 1337x is anticipated to provide in its interface. These are some of the proxy/mirror websites:


1.1337x.to – 1337x Proxy Mirror Site in Use
2. 1337x.st – Official 1337x Proxy x1337x.ws – Working 1337x Proxy x1337x.eu – Official 1337x Proxy x1337x.se – 1337x Proxy 1337x.is – Official 1337x Proxy

Using these proxy/mirror websites, which are likely to have many of the same features as 1337x, could be one of the ways to get access to the restricted server. However, there are some techniques for unlocking and using the banned 1337x website.

1337x Unblocking Instructions

As previously stated, the 1337x website’s server is blocked by most Internet service providers in most locations (ISP). Users in those places have a lot of trouble downloading games, movies, TV shows, music, and other content from this most effective source.

There are numerous methods and instruments available. It is possible to use this to access a prohibited website in any nation. The following are some of the most successful and legal techniques to unblock the 1337x website:-

Solution 1: Recommend using a VPN

Virtual Private Network is abbreviated as VPN. It is one of the finest ways to browse the internet without revealing IP addresses to your ISP, allowing them to avoid tracing your servers. It can be used to gain access to torrent websites such as 1337x.

There are several free VPNs on the market that supply a limited amount of bandwidth to their users in various places. The user must first install software given by his ISP, after which he must select a server location from the United States. It’s because the majority of the blacklisted websites only load from US servers.

Solution 2: TOR Browser

The TOR browser is yet another alternative for accessing the internet without disclosing one’s IP address. It conceals the user’s real IP address behind two, three, or even four TOR IP addresses. It was originally developed by the US Navy. However, it is now widely utilised by individuals all over the world for free.

It is also on the list of the most dangerous hackers. They used to hack websites without paying a single cent in fees. It may be downloaded from the TOR browser’s official website, and users can then use it to access the internet anonymously.

Solution  3: Web Proxy

A web proxy acts as a middleman between two IP addresses, causing them to overlap and therefore conceal the concerned IP address. It allows users to browse the internet and visit websites without revealing their IP address.

However, there are some limits to the free web proxies accessible on the market. Low bandwidth management reach, as well as slow processing speed and numerous advertising when accessing it, are among the restrictions.

Alternatives to 1337x for Downloading Free Movies, TV Shows, Music, Games, and Software

Millions of people all across the world utilise the websites listed below as alternatives to 1337x. Their polished user interface is the reason for their appeal and reach. It allows users to access and use the same, if not more, functions than the 1337x torrent website.

1. TorrentSites

Torrentsites.com is a one-stop shop for ebooks and other digital content. It contains a list of 50+ active websites that offer free ebook downloads. This is the easiest way to get free access to the most popular books without having to buy them.

2. LimeTorrents

To begin with, LimeTorrents is regarded as a viable alternative to the 1337x torrent service. It is based on the BitTorrent protocol. LimeTorrent is a peer-to-peer file sharing programme. It even includes a number of proxy sites.

After becoming one of the most recently produced 1337x alternatives. However, because there are multiple ways to reach it, the user may be unable to determine its true domain.

3. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is widely regarded as one of the top 1337x alternative torrent websites online. It offers a wide range of digital content to its customers. This digital content primarily consists of films, software, entertainment-related items, games, apps, and other such items.

It, like LimeTorrents, uses the peer-to-peer BitTorrent file-sharing protocol, allowing users to search for specific content using the search box. It was first released in September of the year 2003. According to latest data, this site has over 100 million monthly visitors, resulting in a very good server price.

4. Rarbg

Rarbg is yet another 1337x torrent service on the market that uses the same file-transfer protocol as The Pirate Bay and LimeTorrents. It is regarded as the third most popular torrent website as a replacement for 1337x. It enables users to create local accounts and upload torrent files to such accounts. It was first released in the year 2008.

However, most governments have prohibited it to avoid the problem of pirated content. According to data provided by SimilarWeb, Rarbg has a monthly tariff of more than 90 million people on its server.

5. YTS

YTS is also regarded as one of the best torrent website alternatives to 1337x on the market. It does feature a user interface that is considerably different from 1337x and The Pirate Bay’s conventional overlay.

Users primarily use it to download high-definition movies in a safe and efficient manner. The YTS torrent website is a trusted torrent service that is used by millions of people from all over the world who access its servers from all over the world.

Its user interface keeps the users’ IP addresses hidden. It conceals real IP addresses by overlapping them with numerous other ones, allowing access to torrent files via the internet while keeping the original address hidden.

6. Torrent downloads

Torrent downloads are thought to be the finest 1337x alternative currently available. It has a fantastic layout that provides a great accessing experience for its consumers. The high quality of databases in a wide range of ranges, as well as the extremely quick loading speed, distinguishes Torrent Downloads from its competitors and alternatives.

7. BitSnoop

BitSnoop is yet another popular torrent website. It is used by millions of people as an alternative to 1337x for downloading content over the Internet without revealing their IP addresses to their Internet service providers (ISP). It also uses the same peer-to-peer file transfer protocol.

Furthermore, its user interface is highly optimised, ensuring that users receive legitimate torrent files in the shortest time possible while maintaining optimal download speed. According to statistics, BitSnoop’s library database presently contains over 24 thousand torrent files, including the most recent series of movies, programmes, software, and so on. It receives regular updates from roughly 300 other torrent-based websites, allowing it to stay current.

8. ExtraTorrent

ExtraTorrent is widely regarded as the best torrent website platform in the world. It also has its own independent servers all over the world. It offers its users a variety of capabilities and access similar to that of a 1337x torrent website, and it operates all around the world. ExtraTorrent is preferred by the vast majority of users.

Users from all over the world use it because of its capacity to protect their IP address. Its user interface prevents the system from disclosing its users’ IP addresses to internet service providers (ISPs), allowing them to freely browse the Internet.

It allows them to download original torrent files for free without having to pay anything. ExtraTorrent stands out from the mass of competitors and substitutes thanks to its cutting-edge search engine system and innovative design.

9. KAT.cr

KAT.cr is a popular site similar to 1337x. It is constantly extending its operations in the sector of torrent file transfer around the world. Furthermore, while using the Meta version, users can enjoy incredible downloading and uploading speeds. It also allows customers to download the essential content by either becoming a torrent client or using a download manager.

The software is a self-contained platform that offers users a wide range of torrent files in various formats. It directs torrent files in its database in the best feasible way to meet the demands, requirements, and purposes of its users. KAT.cr is also receiving regular changes in newer editions, making it more reliable and dynamic in its operations.

10. SumoTorrent

Last but not least, consumers favour SumoTorrent as a torrent file transfer and download option. We can rely on this app when it comes to delivering quality rather than quantity. The user interface of SumoTorrent is quite slick. Following that, it is rid of the majority of the bugs and layout flaws that plagued the 1337x torrent website.

It also features a well-optimized server that assures the user’s IP address remains private. It also hides its IP address to keep things quiet. Allow it to remain hidden from internet service providers (ISP). It constantly gives real and legal torrent files to its users. It was also recognised by the relevant authorities.

It is also considered one of the most prominent and well-known torrent website service providers. It provides the highest quality of content to users that frequent its site on a regular basis. Furthermore, one of SumoTorrent’s distinguishing characteristics is that it functions as a downloader, allowing users to download and save all types of torrent data files.


Alternatives to 1337x can be found on the above-mentioned torrent websites. We can deduce that several torrent websites exist. These have a layout and general attributes that are very similar to 1337x.

Most Internet service providers may have restricted or prohibited the 1337x torrent website in their respective zones. This can be accessed by fixing some bugs and legitimately using vulnerabilities inherent in it.

Furthermore, services like 1337x are frequently used for downloading and distributing torrent files and data all around the world. Some of those websites also have search bars that are optimised. It makes it easier for consumers to find the most relevant content. They want to find anything as soon as possible.

We’ve also gone over some of the most effective methods. These were generally recognised and accepted for unblocking 1337x websites in the locations across the world. For security reasons and to keep the problem of pirated content under control, some Internet service providers have prohibited or blocked this.

Following that, here are the top three methods for unblocking torrent sites like 1337x. Users might think about this if they want to have easy access to their operations. Also, for downloading the most recent movies, games, software, applications, music, entertainment series, and other media in the shortest time possible with the fastest internet download and upload speeds. Furthermore, the data accessed through these unblocked 1337x Alternatives will be of the highest quality and may be capable of receiving legitimate transfer requests.